Stickin' it where the Sun don't shine

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  1. that is one pretty Kelly.. loving the color.. congrats..
  2. Japster!! OMG Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeoussssssssssssssss Kelly!!! I love her!

  3. GORGEOUS Kelly E!!!! Such a happy color!!! :yahoo:
  4. Jaune.

    E, you are too funny!
  5. Lol, Japster you're so funny. No, it won't make your butt look bigger instead more bootylicious than Beyonce & J.Lo.
  6. Be still my beating heart.... I saw that at LZ and fell for it big glad it has gone to a good home.... it just begs for you to be happy when you see it....:smile:
  7. You look spanking hot in that yellow Kelly!!!! It's perfect for your butt and "girls"!!!

    I once saw a lady in town carrying a yellow Kelly and it was fabulous!!! Yours is even more fab!!!
  8. OMG! It's is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! I saw it in the 'post your outfit' thread, but I didn't know you just got it.

    Does anyone know if they make the birkin in this color?
  9. It's fabulous!
  10. GORGEOUS!! You wear it well, E - congrats! :yahoo:
  11. Sunny & Stunning!

  12. Japster, you are in good company. kate Hudson apparently swears by the pole!!! Says she found muscle she didn't know existed????

    RealGuide: Hudson's pole-dancing praise

    Love the new Kelly!! The color is amazing!!!
  13. Ha-cha-chaaaaaa!!!!!!
  14. I hope to see it in person soon
  15. Ooh, a mighty lemon drop! Where are my shades?