Stickin' it where the Sun don't shine

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  1. You're a hottie, E! that bag just TOPS it off!

    The colour is Jaune, I believe.
  2. I wasn't complaining. :graucho: :roflmfao:
  3. I was thinking it may be jaune too, but it has more of a gold tint to it. Maybe that is just the way it shows up in the Courcheval leather.
  4. it is beautiful Japster! Congrats!
  5. OMG!!!:nuts: First of all, CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: She is HOT HOT HOT!!! Yellow is my favorite color!!! Looks great on you too!!! And NO it doesn't make your butt look big at all!!! LMAO!!!:lol:
  6. ohhh, she is hot !!!! love the bright yellow color!!!!!!

    Congrats, japster!!!!!
  7. Hey Japster, I :heart: your YELLOW Kelly! [No, it doesn't make your butt look big!] Hahaha! Emm, what's with the leg warmers?
  8. it may be arse sunbeam yellow.....
  9. Congratulations!!! Wear her in great health!
  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is such a beautiful Kelly, :heart: , and you look lovely with it! It really is a ray of sunshine, a total beauty.
    Is this pic you doing that new stripping workout that I keep hearing so much about, ;) ?? You look great at it and the Kelly really fits right in!:graucho: ...
  11. Can i just say I LOVE THAT COLOR!!!!!!!
    CONGRATS SHE IS A REAL BEAUTY!!!!!!:nuts: :nuts:
  12. E, it's totally TDF. I love the way the yellow looks on you, and no, it doesn't make your butt look big at all.

    I just hope that you don't do with it as the header of the thread suggests.
  13. :roflmfao: Japster... she is stunning!!!
  14. Gorgeous, congrats!
  15. Ooooooooooooo........pretty!