Stickin' it where the Sun don't shine

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  1. Introducing the new lady of the household: 32cm Yellow Courcheval Kelly (from 1994) with Gold Hardware. Without Flash, it's more gold. As most of you know, I have a flamboyant gay lounge singer trapped inside me, so I love bright colored bags.

    I got her from Maxmara who had got her from Luxury-Zurich last month or so. She decided she's more a Birkin girl.

    And here it is on me, Do you think it makes my butt look big?
  2. OMG SHE IS EVEN MORE GORGEOUS UP CLOSE!!! CONGRATS JAPS!!! OH, and btw, I don't think it makes ur butt look big at all, BUT I do think that it makes ur "girls" look even bigger and better!!! LOL!!!!!!
  3. E, you're hilarious!

    the kelly is just gorgeous! i've only seen this yellow in epsom and in a birkin - never a kelly! TDF!
  4. Do you know what the official color is Pazt?
  5. I love it!!!!
  6. schweeeet! congrats, and wear it in good health.

    on another note:
    e, perhaps you need to visit the Summer's Eve aisle . . . .
  7. omg, you crack me up!!

    so pretty though- LOVE the yellow! :wlae:
  8. not sure. it's a friend's birkin. will ask her when i see her this weekend.

    in epsom it looks more like ripe mango yellow, KWIM? but even yummier!
  9. ok.....this is HILARIOUS!!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    No, E.....I don't think it makes your butt look big either.......
  10. E, gorgeous Kelly! LOVE it! Perfect color to add to your beautiful H-bag family!
  11. Jaune.

    E - THAT bag is HEAVEN!!!!!!!

    LOVE IT!!!! Sunshine, happy days!!!!! FABBO Kelly!!!!!!
  12. Dang that is gorgeous!!!! :yahoo:
  13. Gorgous bag, E! And I think your butt looks juuuuuust right!!!!
  14. GF- I even wore my leg warmers for you.
  15. ^^^Ew. I don't think that came out the way I meant it to. Really, not hitting on you. Love the bag though! :shame: