Stickies are gone

  1. Checked out a few forums and all the stickies seem to be down.
  2. opps just noticed stickies are still there but the deviding line is gone
  3. ditto... confused me at first.... is this a new look tPf is going to do? :confused1:
  4. No, not a new look. There was a forum update last night and Vlad and I still need to add back in the line break- seems to be more confusing than we thought. We will take care of it today :yes:
  5. Thanks for letting us know, Megs! It is sort of difficult to navigate now...Especially in the LV forum where they had a gajillion different stickies :smile:
  6. We're back in business. :yes:
  7. Fixed!

    No worries, I was totally lost without the sticky break too!!!!
  8. ^^^Ditto, Megs!