1. I'm buying a bag online, and in one of the pictures, there are two stickers on the wrapping of the bag that look like this:


    It looks like it was bought at Nordstrom, so I trust it's authentic. But what does 'RTS' mean? Does it mean this is a returned bag? As in store returns? The seller never said anything about it being a store return, he said it's brand new. I'm a bit worried now. I don't want a bag that was returned because that means that it may have defects.

    I'd appreciate anyone's help. Thank you!
  2. Hello?? I'm sorry, but I need an answer ASAP. Please, if anyone knows - and I'm sure someone does - what do these tags mean?? Thank you.
  3. Return to stock. (At least that's what we used when I worked in retail). It's usually a return but it doesn't necessarily mean there's a defect.
  4. Oh, I see. Thank you! Do you think it means that may have accidentally misplaced it, and then discovered that it should go back on the shelves?
  5. Yep, that sounds right. We mostly used them to tag stuff when inventory was adjusted (mostly from returns and exchanges but also when more product arrived from other stores). Different stores might have different procedures/uses, but generally it is returned merchandise that was added back into inventory.
  6. Thank you for helping! I certainly hope that if it is a returned item, it's not damaged. Because then things could get complicated.

    (It is stated as new and still has the tag.)