Sticker Residue (Glue) on Suede Lining - How to Remove?

  1. So I bought a Diane bag this evening at Nordstroms Rack and I love the bag. It's super soft & one of the few bags that are lined with suede (a taupe-ish shade). The bag is nearly flawless (some very slight rubs on the bottom corners, but nothing major) except that it had not one, but TWO sticker price tags stuck to the suede lining inside the bag. I took the stickers off and they left a square shaped residue on the lining. I tried using my suede eraser and brush to brush it out, but it didn't work. There are two perfectly square dark spots on each side of the bag. They're not sticky, they just left the suede about 3 shades darker than what it should be!!!

    Anyone have any ideas on how to remove the residue or is it permanently like this?

    (Why does NR insist on using those sticker tags anyhow? They had one attached to the tag on the outside of the bag - even one would have been enough inside, but two??)