Stick Shift or Automatic ?

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  1. I'm comfortable driving both stick shift & automatic cars. My preference is to drive an automatic, it's less fuss.

    How about you?
  2. Can drive both but prefer Automatic, why make life more difficult?
  3. i can drive both - i guess its just so automatic it doesnt really bother me :smile:
  4. Automatic. I tried to learn stick, but it was too much to remember :shame:
  5. Love driving a stickshift,but due to my bad shoulder I can only drive automatic now.
  6. I drive a shift-stick,even though automatic is easier ,nearly all cars in Europe are shift-stick automatic costs 2-3 mila euro more
  7. Stick is all I will ever care for. Automatic takes so much fun from the whole driving experience, shifting the gears manually just gives me the feeling to be more in "control".
  8. I personally have no idea how to drive stick. :biggrin:
  9. Automatic. I can't drive a stick to save my soul. :shame:
  10. stick.
    when I drive automatics, I always am reaching for the gear shift!
  11. I prefer automatic. Last time I tried stick shift, I almost killed my friend's prized car. :lol:
  12. I guess it just depends on what you're used to driving.
  13. :lol: i'm with you there and if one more person tries to tell me how easy it is...i might just have to run them over with my automatic ;)
  14. automatic. but i really want to learn to drive a stick.
  15. Automatic.. mostly because my mom never learnt and she has veto power over buying of new cars.

    I'll be driving in Italy this summer though (scary!) so I'll have a chance to learn.. aka grind the gearbox of that car into oblivion while learning !