Steven Tyler Reveals Hepatitis C Battle

  1. Steven Tyler Reveals Hepatitis C Battle

    TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 2006 04:40PM EST
    Steven Tyler Photo by: David "Bagel" Ungar / FilmMagic[​IMG] Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has revealed that he was diagnosed with hepatitis C three years ago, and recently went through 11 months of treatment.

    "I've had hepatitis C for a long time, asymptomatic," Tyler tells Access Hollywood in a new interview set to air Tuesday. "And I talked to my doctor ... and he said now is the time and it's 11 months of chemotherapy. So I went on that and it about killed me."

    Tyler, 58, says he's much better after undergoing the treatment. "It is nonexistent in my bloodstream as we speak, so it's one of those few miracles in doctoring where it's like a complete cure," says Tyler.

    Hepatitis C is a liver disease spread by contact with the blood of an infected person, according to the Web site for the Centers for Disease Control. Many people who have hepatitis C show no symptoms of the disease.

    Tyler also says the treatments, which included taking the drug interferon, were hard in his marriage to his wife of 17 years, Teresa, whom he split from earlier this year.

    "I had a little problem at home, to say the least," he says. "I would run upstairs at night, you know, to put the kids asleep and wake up at 3 in the morning with a nosebleed you know, just passed out from the interferon, the treatment."

    After keeping quiet about the disease for so long, Tyler says he'd like to share his knowledge about it with others.

    "I may go on Oprah and talk about this," he says. "I mean you know it's just one of those things... it's one of those things people don't speak about it, but it is treatable."

    In March Tyler announced he planned to undergo surgery for an undisclosed medical condition, which forced Aerosmith to cancel its remaining tour dates. At the time, his rep said that doctors had advised the singer "not to continue performing to give his voice time to recover."
  2. Glad to hear he's better. I'm sure it's a horrible thing to go through. I wish him well.
  3. Is this what Pam Anderson has too? I know she has a form of Hepatitis. I wish well also, what an awful disease...
  4. Oh man, Steven's like a rock god to me:heart: !!! I wish him well and hope his poor old liver - which let's face it has worked hard all these years! - makes it through and here's to seeing aerosmith in 2030 rocking our socks off!:yes:

  5. Tommy Lee has Hep C as well I think.
  6. Aaahhh, yes, this is what happens when rockers are sluts who sleep with a gaziilion people over a 10 year span. Sure wonder when his wife was diagnosed with it too.....
  7. hope he gets better..
  8. I hope he gets better
  9. Yes I have worked on a liver unit and Hep C is nasty - you are never completely cured, you are always a carrier even if the disease is not active and you can get acute flare ups even after treatment. It is possible his wife may not have it - they are not certain that it spreads through sexual contact but it's the needle that does it - i'm pretty sure that Steve Tyler may have dabbled in a little bit of IV drug use in his life!
  10. Actually you don't have to be a "slut" to contract it as someone put it on this thread. You can get it through blood transfusion. Think before you write about something you know nothing about. (I doubt that Oh Donna! has experience with this? or a father dying of it?) Be more considerate.
  11. I am sorry for your loss and I agree with you lukes. Although, I'm sure she didn't mean to offend you, people do seem to criticize celebrities fast and hard on this board.

    No matter what the reason I would not wish anyone ill or say they deserved it because of choices they may have made right or wrong in the past. Especially anything beyond one's control.

    Well wishes to Steven Tyler.:heart:
  12. Likes, I am sorry for your loss. No matter the choices one may make in life no one deserves an illness. I also hear you can catch the Hep-C by getting tatoos. It does not have to be drugs.
  13. Very sad regardless :sad:
  14. It's like saying everyone with liver problems must be a heavy drinker or everyone with lung cancer is a smoker. Not true.

    I think Naomi Judd has Hep C from when she was a nurse.
    When Aerosmith's tour was put on pause I was really concerned for him. I'm so glad he seems to be much better.
  15. We are going to Chicago to see them this weekend. (Montly crew is opening...) should be FUN!!! I hope he is feeling better!