Steven Stein necklaces - popular or NOT???

  1. Hi everyone
    generally i dont wear a lot of jewelry but tonight when i was out and about i came across some really funky looking necklaces - i never thought lil ole New Zealand get these but YEAH we do have them...
    Just wondering are Steven Stein necklaces popular over where you are? I know Mischa Barton wears them a lot - you know the little plastic ice cream - its so CUTE!!!! I was going to buy it but then I just stopped myself...

    Share your thoughts please... is a plastic ice-cream cool or just a fad?

  2. Hi helen, I've never seen these necklaces but they sound pretty interesting from your description. I like pieces that are different myself. Plastic ice cream could be a fad, but if you see yourself wearing it a lot and for much longer than supposed fad lasts, then maybe get one? I'm not a big follower of trends. I wear what I like whenever what I want. :yes:
  3. I want a few of his pieces- espcially the charm bracelet. I'm not sure if it is trendy or not but for those prices I'll be wearing any that I get for a looong time.
    I wish the official site would be redone- it's so hard to navigate.