Steven Spielberg's SMASH - Monday Nights on NBC

  1. Me too! I really liked him the first couple of episodes, now he's just shady. I still think he is a really good actor for this to be the first thing he has ever been in.
  2. did the assistant kissing a girl come out of left field for anyone else too??? maybe i'm sterotyping that roll... but my gaydar was going off with him.
  3. So am I the only one thinking that somehow the Marilyn format will change -- that Katherine McPhee will be Norma Jean and Megan Hilty will be Marilyn?
  4. I'm thinking the same thing.
  5. Caught me off gaurd, I thought he was gay too!!! I still do. :smile:

  6. I don't think you were stereotyping iluv -- weren't there some comments made by Tom in the first episode (pilot) that insinuated that they were both gay and either had a one night stand or were lovers?
  7. so is the assistant maybe leading a double life??
    and i'm totally confused by who that girl was. was she a live in girlfriend? a roommate?? the way she stood in the doorway for awhile just seemed like she was a roommate or something.
    SO CONFUSED. lol
  8. previews for next week look like it could be really good!
    i'm starting to really dislike the Ivy character. what a witch!
  9. Karen has always been my favorite of the two, but last night I really didn't like Ivy. She wants to be the star, but doesn't seem to have the confidence to pull it off and seems threatened by Karen. I really disliked her friends at the beginning of the episode last night, but loved them once they started hanging out with Karen. I have a feeling that Ivy's jealousy is what will do her in, especially when it comes to her relationship with Derek. I can't wait for next week!
  10. I think Ivy's insecurities were staring to show last night - her intimindation of Karen, and when she saw the director talking to that girl at the party. I have a feeling there's more to her story than we know yet. Why she's so insecure and how that's going to affect her role as Marilyn.

    Angelica Houston is so good in this - I love her character. She's trying to be all gutsy and tough and in charge, but her divorce is really hurting her. And I just love Debra Messing!

    Each episode gets better than the last!
  11. I've never really been a fan of Angelica Houston, but I do love her in this. She really wants to prove she doesn't need her husband, but you can tell she really misses him.
  12. i just read on a website that this show could possibly get cancelled :sad:
    its on the 'bubble' which means it's unsure if it will get cancelled or get renewed. could go either way.

    they can't cancel this show! at least not until it ends this season. i really have no idea how they're going to drag this into a second season. unless the end of the season is not when the marilyn show is actually ready to go live.
  13. is Lyle the youngest Jonas brother?
  14. yes
  15. I really hope they don't cancel the show. Every time I find a show that I really love, it gets cancelled. I do hope they at least get to finish out the season.