Steven Colbert at the White House Corr. Dinner


    Enjoy! :roflmfao:

    Holy crap, I thought it was a joke when I watched Daily Show and John congratulated him on doing it... I can't believe that they invited him as a guest speaker, considering the Comedy Central's generally liberal standpoint.
  2. Yeah for Steven Colbert! He and Jon Stewart are the only ones with any guts to call out the current administration.
  3. He was pretty funny, but I thought he could have been more bold!

    I loved the Helen Thomas bit. We recently held a panel with her and she was really lovely. Quite a lady.
  4. He totally rocks.
  5. Mark Twain would have been proud. Stephen said what needed to be said to President Bush, in a way only someone with a command of the English language and brilliantly disguised in humor could.
    History in the making.
  6. He was so funny esp without his movieclip! Loved his bit.
  7. I think the current administration is embracing humor against them as a way to distract the current public from the issues they've been taking heat on.
  8. Yes! I posted an MTV news brief on it in the celebrity section. He rocks! What a gutsy move. Hats off to him and Jon Stewart!
  9. I had never seen before--thought it was nice and sly. Very clever.