Steve Madden

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    Ok i know most of you dont like SM because of some of the knock-off styles he does for example his version of the Balenciaga open-toe lace-up boot but im going to go ahead and ask my question anyway..

    I for one, cannot afford the real deal, heck im just about scraping to afford the Steve maddens...

    My question is, has anybody gotten these boots? Ive read a lot about his footwear being uncomfortable and ordered these boots 5 weeks ago..on pre-order (and guess what....a further delay has occured)
    Im so cross with their customer service and im just wondering should i just cancel the order altogether!! GRRR, i was dreaming about these boots!
  2. Don't feel bad if Steve Madden is what you wear, we all wear what we can and no one will judge you for wearing SM!

    That being said, I used to wear SM and I honestly did find his shoes to be a bit uncomfortable. Looking at those boots, IMO, they look pretty uncomfortable (but really fun!!)

    If you really want them, can you find them anywhere else? Macys? Zappos? Endless? I'm sure there are a lot of stores that sell SM shoes. I would google the style and see what you can come up with.
  3. Meggy- thanks for your reply, unfortunately zappos and macys dont ship to ireland and endless dont seem to stock them!
    Ive seen cheaper versions but they arent as nice. If i could find another similar boot i would go with it, im so cross with steve madden for not getting back to me. If i hadnt been waiting so long i would cancel but i feel like i have waited this long why not another few days. Im a SUCKER! lol
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    Whats is wrong with Steve Madden?
    Unfortunately the closest shop in Europe is in Turkey right now. However I discovered this webby which is very promising...(but under construction)
    I'm guessing Steve Madden will expand in Europe as well?

    Back to the original question, I have no idea if they are comfortable. They look uncomfortable to me, and frankly a fashion fad. If I were you I'd cancel the order.
    I prefer these (I think they are the Vulture ones?)
  5. I don't have a problem with people who buy Steve Madden. Not everyone can afford the real thing, and but everyone should be able to afford fashion! Much better than fakes.

    Anyway, I would wait until these go on sale. I'm sure they will.

    If you really want them now, have you tried Zappos? They seem to have them in stock.
    If you're in the US, shipping is free.
  6. ^^ she's in Ireland.
  7. ^^Ah, sorry then! Not sure what Zappos's policy is about shipping overseas.
  8. The don't do it, which is really crappy because they have such good policies and customer service.
  9. ^^Aw, that is a shame, b/c's return policy sucks.
  10. Thanks for that, i hope it expands to europe. The vulture shoes youre talking about, do you have a link?
    Im half thinking of cancelling them now.
  11. Ok so i cancelled them...
    Laureen- Good idea on thinking they may go on sale soon..fingers crossed.

    Thanks for your helps girls, i really appreciate it :smile:
  12. I honestly am thankful for companies like steve madden. i have champagne dreams with kool-aid money as they say. there is always a slight difference, but you get to rock some hot shoes! there's nothin wrong with them. To me they are comfortable to a degree...we are talkin about heels here.
  13. Steve Maddens are one of the few brands that fit my arch - which is a little high. For me, they are very comfortable & I can always count on the 7.5 fitting my foot perfectly in arch, length & width. My hubby like them because I can usually get good sales deals on what I buy. There are so many different shaped feet, that what is comfortable for some of us does not work for everybody. Good luck looking for a replacement.

    Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I totally dig the bootie / high heeled oxford, and I think it's very classy and will be in fashion for many many years. I wear mine since 2000.:tup:
  15. Galligator- I have narrow feet with high arches too..and find it really hard to find shoes to meet my arches! Maybe steve's would fit me better than any of the other shoes i have!

    Lily- thanks for the suggestion but they just arent my style..i like to get a shoe with detail going above the ankle as i have very long legs so i like to cut them off with a strap or something! And the boots i was looking at are perfect for that! lol

    Beltifi- thats my opinion too, i dont own one pair of designer shoes..oh unless nine west count, i guess they do!

    Oh and girls, i emailed SM saying how disappointed i was with the delay as i wanted them for a special event, i got nowhere for days and very little response until this a.m. when the supervisor issued me with an apology and a 20% discount for my next order.
    Its better than nothing i guess :smile: