Steve Madden

  1. I've never owned a pr of these before and just wondering about anyones thoughts?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. i like the 5th shoe.
    they're the louboutin knock-offs!
  3. Very pretty. I'm likin' these -

  4. I bought the black suede one of these. Very comfortable. I love them.

  5. i'm wondering if they would be comfy?
    I'm not sure where to purchase these in Canada.
  6. do they run true to size ?

  7. yes. they do.
  8. thanks i'll have to track some down
  9. the red one is HAWT!! *drools*
  10. eeek, i'm in love with these:

  11. Arent they :smile: I love those red ones.
  12. I have the 5th ones in white. Quite comfortable but I wouldn't go clubbing in them, hehehe!
  13. I have located these at Aldo,
    [​IMG] they have them online but i'm gouing to check out the store for size on thursday when i'm out and about.. Cant wait for new shoes.
  14. Oh, I should add to fellow Canadians out there that I purchased them online but had them shipped to my bf's US address to avoid the tax. If you go to the Steve Madden site and purchase them there, they will ship to a Canadian address too, I think. I haven't really seen these styles in Canadian stores.
  15. That would be cool to save tax, i guess it makes it easy for him to bring the shoes when he visists or when you go there.

    I guess that is out for me, i'd have to travel too far to pick them up in the US :sad: I think there is a store in Yorkdale that sells them. Now its just getting there.