Steve Madden - Up To 75% Off

  1. thank you.

  2. Anytime!!
  3. Thanks for the post. I hope what I ordered will fit correctly.
  4. I am so confused?! Am I the only one not seeing ANY reduced prices? When I click on the clearance link It takes me back to the main women's shoe page..and none of these are on sale!?
  5. I don't see any reduced prices either.

  6. Hmmm....I just posted it w/o looking at it at all!! Sorry! Don't know why they would advertise a sale w/o there being any items there!

    How about this...'s-Shoes-Clearance
  7. nope... nothing listed there is clearance either! weird!
  8. 20% off with code 20percent. I recommend using this if buying more than $50 worth to actually save. Otherwise, get free shipping with code freeshipping (shipping starts at $8.95 without it).
  9. I think the site is just messed up -- I was in the sale section and then all of a sudden when I clicked on "clearance" it was taking me to the regular/non-sale area. There are actually quite a few styles on sale. I just bought these for $59.99, marked down from $129.99. I used my new customer 15 percent off. Should have checked here first for the 20 percent code! Oh, if you know the name of the style you want, type it in the search box -- it will come up.