Steve Madden totally ripped off CL, pic and all!

  1. pic on the left is from the Saks website of the Miss Fred Tacco Boots, on the right, Steve Madden Becks..
    aside from the red sole, it is an exact replica. Even down to the picture IMO. What do you all think about that? The pics are identical! I kinda think it's shady... thoughts??
    0452579215840_275x275.jpg BECKS_BLACK-PATENT_small.jpg
  2. Gosh you are not kidding. It is shady, but done all the time. Only difference is the red sole.
  3. Wow, that is a complete rip-off of CL. If someone buys the Steve Maddens and paints the soles red, almost no one will be able to tell them apart!
  4. I have seen sooo many shoes with red soles that are not made by Steve Madden. I think it will never change the fact the many designer borrow other desigers styles all the time.
  5. Exact shoes (besides the red soles)! I'm not surprised though, SM always replicate designer shoes.
  6. Steve Madden collections are always like 1/2 knock off CL
  7. Wow, this is getting really old and DISGUSTING!!
  8. yeah, sadly I've come to expect Steve Madden ripping other styles off, but it's the pic that kinda floored me today. i mean, that is the EXACT same pic. Minus the photoshopped red sole. Surely someone (Steve) is misrepresenting their product, unless they are made in the same warehouse!
  9. Wow. That really is the exact shoe without the red sole. I can understand being inspired by another designer, but come on!
  10. Honestly, you cannot go into any store that sells shoes and not find that at least half and usually more are either highly designer-inspired or complete copies. I'd bet that the majority of customers aren't well-versed in the designer styles and aren't even aware that the shoes they are shopping are replicas. That's not to exonerate SM in this, but he is just one of MANY brands who copy designer shoes.

    But the photos are troubling. The two photos are identical, except for the red sole. If a brand is stooping so low as to steal photos, that is pretty bad. Copying the shoes is one thing, and they all do it, but they should at least photograph their own products!
  11. I feel torn about this, because on one hand I feel like it's crappy to completely copy someone's design and even their pictures. But on the other hand, I don't feel like Steve Madden is going to steal any business from Christian Louboutin. People who can afford $500 shoes are going to buy the CL version, but I'm willing to bet that most of the people that would buy the SM version have never even heard of Louboutins, and even if they did they wouldn't buy it. That's a HUGE price difference :shrugs:...
  12. ^^ I agree. I don't think that Oh Deer or SM is stealing any business from CL.
  13. This is nothing new for Steve Madden...I think they have been doing this for years.
  14. I'm not surprised. Steve Madden always does this, except his shoes are really uncomfortable.