Steve Madden Tianna boots! $47

  1., hurry!

    I've been camping out for this for weeks!
  2. ohhh I really love those!!
  3. I was so bummed because I had them in my cart but then they sold out before I could confirm - but ladies, additional tip - still has them at that price (sold by Macy's). Good luck!
  4. ^ Endless is owned/run by Amazon. That's why they have the same stock. What I can't understand though, is why everything is always cheaper on Amazon even when you factor in the $5 off at Endless. Maybe it's just to cover the overnight shipping :shrugs:

    I saw your other thread and I just wanted to say I :heart: Amazon!! I've been shopping with them for over 5 years now. They seriously have the world's best customer service. Even if you have a problem with a marketplace or partner seller they always take care of it! :tup:
  5. I know what you mean! They were on sale about 2 weeks ago for $57, I had them in my cart too! It was sold out so I called them to check the warehouse, called the store, it was horrible. I wanted them so bad! Luckily I went on today and accidentally found them on sale for even cheaper!
  6. i think its bc endless has a better return policy so they need to cover those costs . endless is free returns, and amazon i think they only cover return costs if their fault (defective item)
  7. That is true about the returns, but it doesn't make up the difference. Because I returned a pair of shoes to Amazon that were $59 on Amazon and $99 on Endless. The return postage was deducted from my refund, but it was only $4.
  8. Endless has a 110% price match so it's actually a better deal to buy from them.

    Not only do you get the lowest price but you also get free overnight shipping and free returns. If endless had my size available in black, I totally would have used their price match.
  9. ^ excellent point ^

    I use Amazon because my husband is a total book junkie and he has Amazon's free shipping thing, so we don't pay for Amazon shipping.
  10. thats such a great deal. too bad i already have them when they first came out =(
  11. Does anyone have pictures of these boots on? I don't know what I'd wear it with...
  12. Mine came in yesterday, I ordered them on Saturday. I actually got the price match from with free overnight shipping. They are a bit loose (without socks). Would you wear socks with these? Also, they make my feet look big. I don't know if I want to keep them. =\ And I wanted them so bad too!
  13. how come its selling for $89.95 on endless and amazon...i dont think i can get the price match anymore because its not available on anymore