Steve Madden shoes

  1. Steve Madden has done a "great" job copying almost all styles of Christian Louboutin. It even made the shoes in more colors and marterial than CL.
    I am so tempted to buy them because of the great prices. They are like 1/7 of the CL. And some colors are attractive too. I love red, but I don't know what to wear it with. At that price, it's good to just look at it. I don't know how much longer I can hold myself from buying them. I have to stop checking out that shoe department.
  2. Copy of kors
    it is on sale for $29. I don't think I can stop myself anymore.
  3. That looks cute!!! But $230 is quite pricy, unless they did the design themselves.
  4. wow i love the 3rd shoe, the black on black pointy pumps. :smile: where can i get them? pretty!
  5. wow chocobo124! i've always wanted to have a friend from japan! you're my shoe buddy now! heehee! i wanna go there ya know!
  6. Steve Madden shoes are so cute, but I cannot wear them, I have tried on a dozen different styles and they are not shaped right for my feet:sad:
  7. Sure I'll be your shoe buddy but I'm not Japanese! I'm actually from Australia;)

    Unfortunately for me, once they arrive I'll have to wear them whether they fit or not cuz I can't see myself going through the trouble of sending them all the way back to the U.S.
  8. Have you ever considered that maybe CL copied SM :rolleyes:,its quite possible.
    I like the red wedge and the price beats the hell out of the CL's.
  9. I so love the style of this shoe. I have tried so hard to find a pair that fit. First I started with the KORS Newton, and they brought tears of pain to my eyes. I tried the Steve Maddens with no better luck.

    Now I am half-tempted to see if the cheapy knock-offs might cause less pain.[​IMG]

    Is anyone finding this style to be comfy?
  10. Oh man.. 29$ ?! I can't even find those shoes in Canada, let alone for 29$. ;_;
  11. CL has had these style since last year. The wedge has been around for a few months already. SM just got them out and not available till late september.
    But the price is just too attractive.. I am worried that if I ever start buying SM, My husband will stop buying me Christian Louboutin. I love CL but because of the price I cannot have all the styles and color.