Steve Madden Lemore? Are Oh deer Garbos comfier? What color looks best?

  1. I currently have the Oh Deer Garbos and they are pretty comfy but I have been wanting the Steve Madden Lemore for awhile. They are pretty similar but the the shape from the slope of the shoe is sexier. Has anyone tried the Garbos and the Lemore? Which one is comfy? Please help me decide on the color. I want something sexy but not in a tacky indecent woman type of way? Can the patent still pass as sexily sophisticated or is it too cheap looking? Which one does everyone like best? and Why?

    1. Garbo with cork heel Patent Black

    2. Steve Madden Lemore Patent black

    3. Steve Madden Lemore Leather Black
  2. hi!I don't really know since I haven't tried them on but I like the second of three more and I don't think it looks cheap.
  3. I personally think Steve Madden shoes are more comfortable than the Oh Deer brand-JMO
  4. I've tried both and kept the Garbos. For me the Garbos are WAY MORE comfortable than the Lemore and look way better. I thought the Lemores were uncomfortable, didn't fit well, and didn't look that good. I don't like their pointier shape. I like the Garbos because they look more like Louboutin bruges. :shame:

    I would go with the black patent Garbos. They look sexy, sophisticated and great with everything. I don't think they ever look cheap at all. The patent leather makes them look a little dressy though. :smile:
  5. Also, I personally am not crazy for the cork heel on the Oh Deer shoes-I like their Marilyn style better:

  6. I like these better.
    I have the pat/leather in blue. they're ok but I dont overly love them
    [​IMG] like this but open toe

    these are cute too
    [FONT=Verdana, Geneva, Arial][FONT=verdana, geneva, arial][​IMG] I think the leather is better then the pat/leather,[/FONT][/FONT]