Steve Madden Intyce boots..anyone have them?

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    Just curious if anyone has purchased these in either color..and if is the fit...quality,etc?
    I love the look of these boots..(I have a couple pr of Frye's now) and see these all the time on people and think they are cute. Not sure which color I'd seems safer..I ike the brown..but hard to tell what the true color is in brown sometimes.
    Thought the price was okay...if the quality is there..
  2. I have the black & the brown. I personally like the brown better but i wear a lot of black to work so I do use the black more. The black leather seems a little softer so they slouch more than the brown. I wish they stayed up a lil more, but over all I like them and would buy both of them again.

    HTH :smile:
  3. ^^ Thanks!
    I checked my Nordstom's and it looks like they have the black in my size to try on...I might have to go check them out today..:smile:
  4. no problem! let me know what you think :smile:
  5. I'm really hoping for not alot of I guess we'll see what happens!:flowers:
  6. klj...we seem to have the same taste in boots! and RMs...

    I have these in the cognac color. I love the look, but Frye's are way more took a few wearings to break in. The cognac color also looks a bit distressed. I love it with that little gold tone buckle. The color on the nordie's link looks pretty close irl. I've seen it in black too, but since the leather is quite thin, it doesn't look as rich to me as the cognac does. Also...everyone has these where I live, so it's not quite as unique to me anymore. I don't wear mine too often anymore, but I still love how they look.

    These also fit a bit on the smaller side...the toe is normal, but may be narrow for some. and the shaft is wide enough to fit most calves. The shaft height is also good for most. It's flattering on!

    hi mm!
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    Thanks, kitkat!:flowers:
    I really want a pr of Loeffler Randall's in elephant or black ......:heart::love:..really bad!
    But I'm having a hard time swallowing the 690.00 price(maybe a discount on Revolve?)...Oh..what to or buy the SM's and go with it..:amuse:
    I appreciate the feedback! I think I'm going to try them on for the heck of it today and see how they look..can't hurt;)
    ETA~ Oh yeah..that's right! You have the Melissa's too..:smile:
  8. I have these boots in cognac. I LOVE them, but it also seems that everyone here (in Boston) has them too. I don't mind though. I'm barely 5'1", so it goes like right under my knee, which is still very comfortable for me. I also have calves a bit on the bigger size & these boots are very forgiving! The toe area does get scuffed easily though. That's what irks me about it for the price tag.
  9. Hey, we are shoe twins!! I have both the black and brown too! Yeah, they get more and more slouchy which I constantly had to pull them up everytime when wearing. They are very very comfortable and true to size. But the leather may stretch more once they have were broken in. I bought them as a substitute for the Loeffler Randall ones but I still like LR as they are more classic and I think doesn't slouch as much. Well my holy grail boots are the Hermes Kelly boots that I"m coveting. If it's so hard to part 700 on LR, it's much much harder to part 2500 on a part of H boots....So now these Intyce will have to stay....I've posted my modeling pics in one of the thread...I think is 'show me your riding boots'. Do a search in this forum for that.
  10. I like the 'low profile' style of these boots... Shopped Steve Madden first, but ended up buying a pair of Loeffler Randall Olivias on final sale for somewhere around $375. Unfortunately they weren't my first choice color (Elephant and Black are both so gorgeous) but a strange ashy light gray, lol.

    Anyway, in a round-a-bout way what I'm trying to say is I went back to Nordstrom and tried on the Intyce boots again because what I really wanted were boots in a color I could wear all year long, but I was a bit disappointed by the Intyce boots after having Leoffler Randalls. The SM leather isn't close to as thick or as nice and they weren't as comfortable either; the LR boots stay up by themselves, the leather is not slouchy at all. I could have delt with the lower quality and the less comfort (because they are flat boots after all, and flat boots are comfy) but what was a dealbreaker was how they slouched and bunched around the calf and ankle and I really hate it when boots do that.
  11. i have them in black and got them at macys for 70$...I love them and suggest you check macys.
  12. Did you buy them yet? I too wanted the LR Matilde but couldn't stomach the cost. I bought the Intyce instead because they are cute and similar to what I wanted. I returned them because the leather was too soft and the shaft of the boots slouched. Plus I noticed that the leather on the shoes didn't match up. Little things like that bothered me since I paid full price for them (I almost never do) and they were not exactly what I wanted. I stalked eBay until I found a pair of Matilde in my size. I like them a lot. In fact I'm wearing them now.
  13. ^^ I bought the LR's in black for a percentage off so it wasn't so
    I got them yesterday...glad I went with them despite that they are a tad over my budget..
    They are beautiful..:heart::love:
  14. Does anybody have the Intyce boots in wine colour? I am wondering between cognac and wine colour but can't decide because I have no possibility to see them live. I would prefer a little darker brown shade than the cognac but the online pictures of wine colour are all very different and I am afraid if it is too reddish. So I would like to know if the wine colour is more brown or burgundy?
  15. I have both the black and the brown. I wear them ALOT! Probably like 3-4x a week in the winter! They are so comfy and they look great. The wedge heel is really nice. I bought the brown ones first and wore them so much that I decided to get the black ones too. They are both really versatile colors. The brown gets a gorgeous worn color of a few wears! And the brown also shoes creases A LOT more than the black ones.