Steve Madden Huge Sale

  1. i just bought like four pairs of ballet flats for $20 each!
  2. Do they ship to Canada??? Runs to check!
  3. thanks!
  4. the in-store has more colors!
  5. i bought 5 pairs of shoes for $140. . thanks for posting
  6. Fabulous!!! Thank you :yahoo:
  7. Nice! Thanks :smile:
  8. does steve madden run true to size?
  9. is there a code for free shipping under $100? :hrmm:
  10. the free shipping is automatically deducted at checkout.
  11. im one step away from checking out, how come the free shipping isn't deducted?

    ETA: oh shoot. it said, til 11.59pm EST. im in PST. DARN IT!