Steve Madden Handbags - Opinions?

  1. Didn't know there was a line of handbags, found these darling bags on Zappos. Both of these are all leather, under $140. The line is called STEVEN by Steve Madden. Anyone bought this line yet, what do you think of it?????


  2. I think they both are really cute.

    Very MJ like.

    Can you send the link. I'd like to see the inside.

  3. I like them.
  4. they are cute...
  5. I like this second bag but it's not on the site. Do you know the name of it? I'd like to try to find it somewhere else. Have you seen any other places that sell this one? It's so cute - and reasonable too!

  6. I've seen them in IRL. They are okay, but the craftmanship is not spectacular, but then they don't cost $$$ either.
  7. Links please?
  8. I agree. I bought a couple off the website because they were cute, and I was really disappointed when they arrived. The leather was waxy and kind of weird.

    The reason I visited the website in the first place was to see the black bag you posted - I saw it in Lucky and it looked really cute. I didn't see it on the SM website, but I saw a couple of others (on sale) that looked kind of trendy and fun. Yikes, there's an order I wish I hadn't placed! :Push:
  9. Jade, here is the link, hope it works. If not, go to and search steve madden handbags. It's called the "Steven Strapped for Cash Satchel".

    Steven Strapped For Cash Satchel (Beige) - Handbags

    I'm with you - it's cute and very reasonable. Not everyone wants to spend $500+ for a I think the price and looks are good, waxy leather and all. ;)