Steve Madden Bails-Out/Saves Betsey Johnson

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  1. "...But reportedly, this isn’t a bad thing. According to and Women’s Wear Daily, Johnson will continue to handle all design decisions. Madden plans to help develop Johnson's footwear and daytime categories.
    'Betsey is my partner. She has nothing to worry about and I will protect her," Madden says. "She is not on the hook for anything. I am honored to be partners with her. That's the truth...' "

    NOTE: I checked all new posts today and yesterday (when news of the "bail-out" officially broke) and did not see anything related. These designers are not considered "premier" or "high-end" so I don't believe there are any threads dedicated to either of them; however, both designers are very visible, have had an impact, and made their impressions in the world of purses (among other essentials in the world of fashion) - this is a noteworthy development in the industry.
  2. interesting! i love BJ's shoes, they're cute. thanks for posting!
  3. I have a Steve Madden bag and I was surprised by the quality and workmanship for the low price (compared to other brands people might/might not call 'designer').

    Betsey Johnson seems a bit blingy to me - maybe this will become like the Kathy van Zeeland and B Makowsky partnership (although they are married to each other) - where the company makes two brands at a similar price but where each has their own following of buyers who don't particularly like the other, or might 'grow into it' as they get older.