Steve Madden 30% Entire Store!!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. do they have this online?
  3. Is this only for the NYC stores?
  4. On the website, it says:
  5. Should I get black or grey?

    I need some boots for my skinny jeans. These look comfortable. I hope they fit my calves! Ladies, help me decide. I love GREY but black might be easier to wear.
  6. T4p!
  7. oo I def think the grey one's are more fun especially given the slouchy style of the boot
  8. Thanks for your help! Ladies, keep sharing your thoughts.

    And btw, I just called my local Steve Madden store and they said the sale is in all the stores. The weird thing is... the sale ends at midnight but my local store is still closing at nine as usual. Meaning, if you want to buy shoes during this sale, you will most likely have to go online. The post I put after the original says for select styles. I am going to check it out TONIGHT so I can purchase any style. I have a $20 off code I need to use.
  9. wow, thanks! my steve madden heels are some of the most comfortable i own!
  10. I like the grey! Go for it! too bad they don't have it in my size :sad: