Sterling Silver jewelry

  1. here's a site where you can buy sterling silver jewelry with real gemstones for just shipping and handling-the items change every 5 minutes and you can only buy them while they are onscreen-but, it is always $5.95 S&H and the stuff really comes and is cute and real. i have gotten a couple of pieces from them-check them out:
  2. Nishi....I Know Someone Who LOVES This Site....It's A Friend Of A Dear Friend Of Mine.....She Has Got Piles Of Beautiful Pieces!!! Thanks For Sharing....I'm Going To Check It Out Right Now (I Haven't Seen It In A While!)!
  3. wow that's so cool! thanks for sharing! :smile:
  4. I Just Bought Two Pieces....It's Addicting!!!
  5. Yes-it is addicting! I know someone who bought a ton of their Christmas gifts from that site last year! I have bought myself one or two pieces and I got my older son's girlfriend a ring from them.
  6. omg gifts galore! birthdays christmas mothers day etc day!! lol. omg this is awesome. thanks for sharing!
  7. Nishi ~ You Are So Sweet!!!!! It Is The Best For Gifts.....I Just Ordered One More Piece...

    Jimmy ~ Isn't It Great Did You Get Anything Yet?

    ***Oh The Best Part ~ I Read The Site A Little Further. It Is eBay: diageminc ...I Had Bought Whole Bunch From Them A While Back (Mostly Gifts, I Kept A Few Pieces!)...& Last Fall I Bought 2 Pieces. Still Really Good Quality. BTW ~ The Pieces From 2000 Are Still Gorgeous!!!
  8. what about eBay?
  9. Great site, thanks for sharing.

    Amanda might be interested in this :biggrin: (pl see her thread below)
  10. This Company Is On eBay. Their ID Is: diageminc ......That Is Who I Was Talking About Above (I Have Only Had The Best Luck With Them!).
  11. i didn't get anything yet cuz i'm broke. lol. i can either buy a bunch of them or buy a few gallons of gas. hmm. that's a thinker! :roflmfao:
  12. Jimmy ~ I Just Wanted To Include You In The Discussion! You Are Funny "A Bunch Of Those!"...Gas It Is!!!!
  13. Too cute.
  14. Cute, I think I'll order a few pieces.
  15. I have purchased hundreds of pieces from there. I kept maybe about 30. They're really nice pieces.