Sterling Silver CDC- Scratch?

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  1. Just wondering how the sterling sliver CDC wears? I know that sterling silver will scratch but does the CDC scratch really bad, is it really noticeable? I have other sliver pieces and the scratches blend in and don't stand out, I'm just thinking these may be an issue because of the smooth cuff. TIA
  2. I don't have a sterling silver CDC, but I do have the silver CDC ring. The nicks and scratches definitely are more noticeable on the smooth portion of the band. I would be concerned about losing the highly polished look of the CDC cuff really quickly and having to live with that in between stage before it gets nice and patinaed. But then again, a bracelet will probably get less banged up by ordinary tasks compared to a ring. I've got so many little dents on the ring from where it rubs against a doorknob when I open a door. I still think it's worth getting the cuff because, despite any scratches, it still looks stunning.
  3. I have worn mine regularly since I got it when it first came out, I guess a couple of years now. It definitely scratches. I wear it without thinking or babying it so perhaps a more careful wearer may not have this issue. I like my silver worn in and with patina so it does not bother me a bit.

    I think you posted a question on the large boucle sellier previously...that one has worn in much more beautifully. It has become my favorite piece ever.

  4. Me too very regularly and truth fully because of the way it hugs my wrist it wears better than my leather ones and looks better too I hope they make it in gold !
  5. I'm sure they will! :biggrin: I think they're coming out for Christmas, maybe I'm wrong but I remember seeing pics of them somewhere (some with diamonds too) with the centaur/horse-hoof rings as part of H's collaboration with Pierre Hardy :graucho:
  6. Dharma or Birkel, thanks for your comments, however do you think one or both of you could post pictures of your CDC's? I'd like to see what it looks like with "scratches". I'm not someone who panics when something scratches, however I'm concerned the silver will look bad because of the wide "smooth" band part, kwim?

    Dharma...I LOVE my boucle sellier GM!! It's for sure one of my favorites!!
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    I'll try posting the pics I'm not home at the moment but as soon as possible .thing is the scartches are truly not a problem I wear mine as a statement piece usually making it the center of attention I wear a smaller bag not Kelly not birkin I wear a small clutch I have by nancy Gonzalez in black and thing is it has no big grand scratches what I do have is a very good trusted jeweler that cleans all of my silver because you know it may tarnish over time and usually what look as small scratches came out fine (the one time he cleaned it for me) I got the smallest size as I am thinnish Creature, and it fits snug so it moves with me as opposed to dangling like the leather version.but it is so divine the other night I had a cocktail presentation and I put on a snug black knit dress with long sleeves and the CDC a black clutch and a grand chignon it looked ten times more expensive and so simple classic I guess I'm trying to say get it if you don't totally mind the scratches it's more the tarnish that's a problem and that's easy to solve ,hope it helps darling and will try to post pics soon !
  8. Ive had mine for more than half a year. Worn it prob 6 times.

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  9. Silver should never get a patina. There is no such thing that exists in the world of jewelry. Silver should be cleaned with Goddards silver polish, then polished to a high finish with a compound polish. Shors International can be contacted for the proper silver polish compound for fine silver jewelry. Cleaning and polishing regularly will keep silver jewelry looking new.
  10. With all due respect, as someone who collects vintage silver jewelry and flatware, patina is highly valued. Polishing actually removes a thin layer of silver every time and there are many repousse designs that would suffer terribly aesthetically if " polished" to a blinding glow. And there is a big difference between patina and tarnish, though some tarnish is also desirable on many pieces.

    As for the CDC silver cuffs.... Silver is a relatively soft metal and WILL scratch over time, no matter how careful the wearer may be.
  11. Just a thought, respectful of your opinion, I adore when silver jewelry pieces get a patina, shows they have been loved and used (like our favorite bags!)

    My favorite new (to me!) pin has a gorgeous patina on it that I would never polish, I think everyone is welcome to what they think is their style in jewelry.

    JMHO though
  12. Oh heavens! I've collected silver holloware, flatware, and jewelry for a very long time, and I have helped collectors create some impressive collections. Please, anyone reading this thread, do NOT take such harsh measures with your silver! It matters less for new objects, but as mistikat points out, you're losing a layer of silver every time you polish. Polish sparingly and gently, and never ever treat your silver as the poster above suggests. It's hard on new stuff and disastrous for anything with age to it.