sterling flatware do you have it? use it?

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  1. i have received my 3rd set of sterling flatware, complete and beautiful. i also have tiffany serving platters from 50 or 60 years ago...and some from a place in philadelphia that are even older

    both grandmothers and a great aunt have given them to mother also talks about giving me her flatware...she knows i already have 3 sets

    does anyone use their sterling silver anymore? i am honored to have these lovely sets given to me....but i don't even use them at the holidays. i have them hidden away, and honestly i couldn't tell you exactly where they are at this moment.

    does anyone register for sterling anymore?

    i would never sell them, i guess i will give them to my children when they get married.
  2. Wow you are so lucky! Seriously if you ever want to sell any of it let me know. Love to take a look at it. Be great wedding gifts for your kids!

    Sold the one set I inherited cause didn't like it. We haven't replaced it, think about replacing it every once in awhile. If I had sterling flatwear we liked, would use it all the time. We have alot of bowls etc we use regularly. Candleabras out all the time. I love sterling!
  3. don't tempt me, this month i'd probably take you up on flying out the door right now, not much coming in.

    2 of the sets are too ornate for my taste, one of them is nice..but i just don't use silver. if i can't throw it in the dishwasher it doesn't get used.

    i was poking around on ebay, i found a set (that i would choose) by Georg Jensen...lovely stuff. i'd never even heard of him.

    do brides even register for this anymore?
  4. I was thinking the same thing VLL. Guccimamma you are very lucky indeed! I would love to have a nice set and I would also use it a lot.
  5. im 25...not married yet, and id totally register for them! im envious of you! i would use them and love them while u have it.

    cleaning its pretty easy. we use silver flatware for the holidays and special occasions in my family and we all just sort of pitch in in helping. one person stands at the sink washing, one person feeds it to the washer, and another dries it. to keep it sparkly my grandpa puts one of those silver cleaning sheets in the sink and just lets them soak. they polish themselves :smile:
  6. ^you have a lovely sounding family, my family eats then runs.....i get stuck with all the dishes. after cooking, serving, cleaning up and watching my kids ...i just don't have the energy to deal with silver. i sound like an old lady, but my back starts to hurt from standing at the sink all day.

    maybe when the kids are older, i can train them to help me. i do have some lovely china that's never been used. so sad to admit. 15 years of marriage, and the china is still in its' pretty storage pouches.
  7. well we also have a very big family...and grandpas famous line after holiday dinners "all kids without kids...clean up!"
  8. We have a set - it's beautiful, and we use it once a year :biggrin: Christmas dinner.
  9. How nice that you inherited your family silver, and that you plan to pass it on.... We have silver flatware too and only use it for holidays. I know, I know, people say you should use your good stuff everyday. It's just all the hand washing that I don't like. I need to get a silver cleaning sheet like the one mentioned by bagaholic85 and maybe it will motivate me to use it more often.
  10. i have a sterling set. it's pretty big- has both the american and eu settings. mine is the same style as my mom's. as far as 'traditional' wedding things, it's the only thing i wanted. china & crystal can break, but silver lasts... and it feels great on my teeth!
  11. I have a large set of well-loved Roger's silver-plated flatware that my parents bought in the 1940s. When I was single I used it for everyday, and kept it meticulously polished. But when I married DH he kept insisting on tossing it in the dishwasher. So now I use it only for festive occasions, assuming I have time to polish it. It's in surprisingly nice condition for all the things it's been through over the last half-century.

    My mother has a sterling set but keeps it in a safe deposit box. She bought it after she was retired, having always dreamed of having such a set. But she never used it.
  12. We have sterling flatware that we bought for cheap at an antiques fair so we use it!
  13. Christolfe mailmason for occasional use
  14. When I moved out, my mother gave me 8 settings of her service for 12.

    I use them all the time.
    The rule is: Stainless for company, sterling for family.

    Besides, if you use them, you can wash them instead of having to polish them.