1. I hope I don't offend anyone by posting this, but I really am curious. You know how people always get stereotyped based on race, nationality, or how they dressed? I found out in a not-so-pleasant way from a university dorm-mate (we didn't get along that well) just what SOME people's perspective of a Hermes owner is. To make a long story short, I went to one of the alumni gathering a week ago and saw several people that I knew. One of them was one of my university dormmate. She was a soprano and she used to sing on top of her lungs even when I was asleep. But anyway, since she moved out to Cali recently, she and I exchanged phone numbers and later on she called me and we did a little bit of catching up. Somehow, the conversation went from school days to Hermes.

    She started going off about women who carried Hermes. She seemed to think that ALL Hermes women had the following characteristics:wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :

    - Obscenely rich, but probably not their money
    - If their own money, they must be making at least 6-figure income
    - Gold-diggers who married rich older men
    - Trophy wives (not the kind who was intelligent and whom the hubby will be proud of, but the bimbo gold-digger type)
    - Snobby and b!tchy
    - Total divas
    - Materialistic and Superficial

    Needless to say, I could tell from her rather ignorant generalizations that she was not fond of Hermes owners. Of course, I neglected to tell her that I was a Hermes owner and an ardent fan myself. The characterization left a sour taste in my mouth (total understatement) and I have to say, I fit NONE of the criterias up there. Has any of you ladies been stereotyped in a similar way because you own Hermes?
  2. Not that I know of...yet...but I do fear that if I carry it around my extended family, they would think I bought Hermes with inheritance money from my father. That is so not true, because I only spend any inheritance on things I think my dad would approve of (and he probably wouldn't go for Hermes, God rest his soul! :angel:). That being said...I don't know if they would give my career "enough credit" to be able to afford these on my own. :hrmm:

    Sadly - I can imagine strangers stereotyping Hermes owners as you state, Kou. :sad: Hopefully those who are our friends will know that we love Hermes for quality and history vs. materialism and those should be the only ones that matter (easier said than done, I know).
  3. I think I got a bit of stereotype one time when I was at the boutique. I was carrying the ostrich Kelly and as I was waiting for my SA, I chatted with the security guard. We talked about Hermes and he saw that my bag was ostrich. He pointed that out and said it must cost a lot. Then he pointed at his fourth finger (the one next to the pinky) on his left and asked me if I was married.

    My first reaction was, "What's wrong with being single and carrying Hermes?:shrugs: " I did not say it out loud, of course, but that's what I was thinking.
  4. definitely. people that i meet couple of times pass judgements on me all the time (they make the mistake of telling someone and it usually gets back to me). because i like hermes and the finer things in life (and i'm not from a super wealthy family but i have an aunt who spoils me - she gave me a togo blue jean 35cm birkin for my birthday last year).

    anyway, people say that i'm a gold digger (though i've bought everything on my own and no expensive gifts from boyfriends), that i'm high maintenance, snobby, up myself and the list goes on...

    it got to a point where colleagues would talk about it behind my back when i used to work in sydney... usually the conversation would be like 'she can't afford that...
  5. OMG - I would have been SOOOO p*ssed off hearing that! :censor::rant:
  6. go figure by yourself:
    - i am not only jewish but israeli
    -i married a guy older than me
    -i married a man wealthier than me
    -i love jewelery
    -i have a huge white poodle
    -i am not stupid (well at least that is what i hope)
    -i got divorced

    what do you think some people think about me or talk about my back ?:lol:
    (and it does not matter that i do have a good education etc)

    but i tell you i know who i am and so do my friends and if anyone wants to judge me by these things well then let it be it is not my problem cause i know that i am not the one with the pathetic life!
    and if someone dares to tell me up my face what stereotypes they think i fit into will be more then happy to tell them what more i have and how fabulous i am and that they should drive home in their 1988 japanomobile to their 20 squerefeet home and celebrate their oh so sterotype influenced pitty existence [​IMG]

    but the main difference between these people and me is: you can take away all the extras from me but i will still have my dignity and will remain open minded and tolerant. everything else is just the icing on the cake but without a good cake you have nothing at all.
  7. I have lived with the entire stereotyping my entire life.

    I think people do that because it make them fill better about the situations in there lives. If people are sooo worried about me
    I think you need a life.

    A new friend gave me a complement recently. She said I like the way you handle others. You buy new items and don't talk about it, when other attempt, you are gracious but do not apologize for your style. You do not make big purchases to impress others.

    It took a life time to get here and will not let others tell me who I am.
  8. LOOKINGGOOD35 -- I also love your style too:heart:
  9. I think they should are a strong, independent, and fabulous , with magnificent accessories!:cutesy:
    It seems that the people who need to stereotype others are the ones who are either insecure, jelous, or in some other way pathetic.
    I am sometimes stereotyped myself,...but now I play with it, and find it amusing. :winkiss: :blah: :lol:
  12. Thank you, avandome!
  13. I feel that people shouldn't judge others on whether they make their own money. I mean, whether someone makes his/her own money doesn't determine the type of person that person is. What turned me off was the way my dorm-mate said it. She made it sound as though there was something wrong with people who didn't make their own money or something. I just hate it when people do that.

    CONGRATULATIONS!! That's awesome!! You totally deserve it!!!:yes: Hey, that means more croc Birkins for you :yahoo:

  14. Thanks :yes: Sweet for you to say
  15. yay congrats to you aspen you go girl !