steps to take to file a SNAD fake item??

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  1. I just received a Coach purse that I bought over at Ebay. I received it today and got to check out the creed number.

    The number is H4B-0517

    It's listed everywhere as being fake :sad:
    Of course the number was not listed in the auction...

    I've been searching the threads here and I was trying to figure out what steps to take to get my money back for this fake???

    Do I just contact the seller and ask for a refund plus a refund of shipping both ways?

    The seller stated NO RETURNS on the auction, does that matter with fake stuff???

    Do I skip the seller and go straight to ebay since this is a fake?? (The number info is actually listed on ebay about how to spot fakes)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


    PS - gotta give the seller credit for shipping fast though! :P

  2. First of all, to be absolutely certain that bag is fake, do post pix of bag & creed on the AT Coach thread for verification.
    If fake, you can contact seller for return/refund AND/OR file SNAD dispute w/ EBAY. Ebay does have a new Buyer Protection Policy explained here

    If you choose to contact the seller, I do advise that you ONLY correspond w/ the seller via Ebay Messaging so that you have record for Ebay of the conversation, if needed.

  3. agree here.. should your seller tell you to send back the bag,

    take a picture of it so that they can't claim something this

    is not the bag they sent you..
  4. I have posted over in AT Coach.
    Just in case anyone is curious, here's what the creed number looks like.

  5. I appreciate the help!

    Now I just wonder how long it will take to get this resolved :sad:
  6. If the case is based on an "item not as described" case, the resolution would include:

    • Responding to the case by providing proof to eBay that the item was described properly (for example, providing documentation that supports "original," "first edition," or similar claims)
    • Agreeing to send a replacement item after the buyer returns the original, if this is what the buyer would prefer
    • Refunding the buyer up to the full transaction amount
    Unless resolution of the case is accelerated, after 7 days (or 10 days in the case that the transaction is cross border), eBay will check with the buyer to see if they are satisfied. If the buyer is satisfied, the case is closed. If we don't hear back from the buyer within an appropriate time, we won't refund them or hold the seller accountable for the transaction. If the buyer is still working with the seller or does not respond, we'll check back in another week.
    If the buyer informs eBay that no resolution has been reached, eBay will review the case. If we find "item not received" cases in the buyer's favor, eBay will refund the cost of the item and original shipping to the buyer. If we resolve "item not as described" cases in the buyer's favor, we will in most circumstances ask the buyer to return the item to the seller which will be at the buyer's expense (unless eBay opts to pay for return shipping). Once the item has been returned to the seller, eBay will refund the cost of the item and original shipping to the buyer.

    Basically, once you file your case, Ebay gives the seller 7-10 days to respond/negotiate.
  7. Thanks Ellie! From reading that it sounds like it would be best to avoid the seller and deal with ebay directly being that the item is fake.

    I'm waiting on an answer to my post at AT Coach but since the creed number inside the bag is one from an article posted at ebay that states it is a fake purse, I'm positive this isn't real.

    Once again, thanks for the help!! :smile: