Steps to Ordering your bag from Aloha Rag

  1. Hi,

    I recently purchased a Balenciaga “First” in black from Aloha Rag and had it shipped to Canada. Why? Because Holt Renfrew is the only retailer that sells this bag and it costs $1445 verses the $995 I paid for from Aloha Rag…That being said, I’d like to share with you the process of purchasing Balenciaga’s from Aloha Rag J

    1) Go to a Balenciaga retailer and find out what color, size, style etc. you like
    2) Aloha Rag Pricing:
    3) Click below for list of Balenciaga bags Aloha Rag carries
    4) Get a second opinion ie. Friend,
    5) Email for more information regarding current stock, pictures, pricing and interest in purchasing (Response time within 24 hours)
    6) Place your Balenciaga Order Form through email. This is what you will receive from Aloha Rag (includes Balenciaga Order Form).

    If you would like to purchase Balenciaga merchandises,
    please choose one of the following order methods.
    We DO NOT take Balenciaga orders over the phone.

    Please print and fill out attached Balenciaga Order Form and
    fax it to 1-808-589-2051 or email us scanned image of the order form.


    IMPORTANT: Please read and agree to the following 3 statements before

    1. The shipping cost of sending the item back to Aloha Rag will be the
    customer's responsibility, except in such cases when there is a defect with
    the merchandise.
    2. If/When we are receiving a return or exchange, the package MUST be
    postmarked 14 days from the date of purchase for customers in the USA and
    Japan, and 21 days for customers from other countries. We have the right to
    refuse the shipment if the date has already passed.
    3. Balenciaga bags purchased with free shipping will be charged a $50
    re-stock fee for each bag that is exchanged or returned, except in such
    cases when there is a defect with the merchandise. We will charge this amount
    to the credit card use to make the initial purchase.

    a. The style name of the merchandise:

    b. The color of the merchandise:

    c. The price of the merchandise:

    d. Card Holder's First Name:

    e. Card Holder's Last Name:

    f. Billing Address (we only ship to billing address):

    g. Phone Number:

    h. Email Address:

    i. Credit Card Type:

    j. Credit Card Number:

    k. Expiration Date:

    l. CVV number/Card ID:
    (The last 3 digit number printed on the signature panel on the back of the
    card. For American Express, it is the 4 digit number on the front of the

    m. Please fill out total purchase amount, sign and date below.

    I understand and comply with the 3 statements listed above and authorize
    Aloha Rag to charge my credit card for the amount of $ _______________ .

    Signature:________________________________ date:_________________

    <<< FORM ENDS HERE >>>

    After we receive your order, we will process the offline purchase
    procedures. Also you will receive an email from us within 24 hours after you
    place an order.

    * Please be advised that the Balenciaga collection is very popular and we
    have a very limited stock. The order request will be processed on a first
    come first service. Please understand that even if the order form is filled
    out completely, we will not be able to process the order if the merchandise
    becomes out of stock between the processes. In such cases, Aloha Rag will
    responsibly destroy your credit card information.

    ** We are required to perform a manual security check on credit cards for
    all offline order. This is to verify that the rightful card owner has made
    the purchase and to protect our customers. It will take 1-2 days for credit
    card issued by domestic bank and 2-4 days for credit card issued by
    international bank. We may ask our customers to submit necessary documents
    if we could not verify credit card information.

    7) Write down any special requests on order form if needed ie. bag with less veins
    8) Check to make sure they send it as a gift marked ¼ of the value. (I paid $80 CAN in taxes/duties with the bag being sent as a $250 gift value to Canada)
    9) Aloha Rag will email your FedEx tracking number (free shipping over $500)- I sent in my order on Wednesday, it was shipped Friday, I received the bag on Tuesday
    10) Showcase your bag on ----Something I still have yet to do >.<
    - If you are visiting Honolulu, you can buy from the boutique (tax is 4.712%)
    - Call them if you have any questions #808-589-2050

    Hope this helps. Enjoy!
  2. thanks, that's really helpful :biggrin:

    i'm in toronto too and i had NO idea a first was 1445 + tax!

    i just got my gorgeous brand new ink city for under $1400, with customs (declared at $150, i think).

    holt's is a rip-off :yucky:
  3. Hey.. Is this their latest inventory? :wtf:
  4. Regarding their current inventory, I've been e-mailing them about Firsts, and this is a composite of the couple e-mails I've gotten as of yesterday:

    In response to color and price questions:

    "We currently have the First in Plomb, Morgano, Rouge, Mastic, Rouille, Tabac, Black, White, Vert Deau, Café, Blue Glacier, Vert Gazon, Anthracite, Bordeaux, Marron and Sapin in stock.
    The Price is $995, there's no tax and the shipping is free.
    If you've already applied for the membership card, you should get 3% discount from your first purchase(so it will be $965.15 for the First).
    Please make sure to let us know your membership number/that you have the membership when you place your order."

    (FYI, you can sign up for their membership card on their website, which is free, and you get small discounts based on how much money you spend there in a year. I'm pretty sure you have to sign up and recieve the membership card in the mail prior to your first purchase, but I might be wrong about that. I don't think there's any way to know your membership number, which you need to order, before you get the actual card. But hey, even if it saves $35, that's somethin'!:smile:

    In response to leather questions (I like veiny leather):

    "In general the fall/winter leather (plomb) is not as shiny and distressed as
    the previous seasons. While some are wrinkly, we haven't seen many that have
    veins. And although the color is pretty, it is more of the thick, solid
    color, so this may not be for you....

    We are very limited in the Vert Gazon and looking at the the remaining few,
    while they are shiny, they aren't veiny, and have very fine wrinkles...

    The bordeaux did have some that are somewhat shiny, veiny and distressed.
    Also since we have more in stock in the café and black, we can look for one
    that is closest to your preference. But please keep in mind, while we will
    do our very best to find one that meets your requirements, it may not be
    "exactly" what you imagine.

    Unfortunately we don't hold items, per company policy, but if you can let us
    know you will be faxing your order very soon, we will do our best to set
    aside the bag."

    Hope this helps someone!!:smile:
  5. Thanks bellafleur! Re their page, they have some Purses. I am sooo dying to get one of those. *crossing fingers*

    PS: I :heart: veiny leather too!
  6. You should e-mail them and ask. I think they have more in stock than what's on the website. Also, sign up for that membership card ASAP so you have it handy when you're ready to buy!:smile:
  7. Yes, I did all of that! Thanks! :yes:
  8. Is anyone bothered by having to send their credit card number via email? Isn't that kind of a risky thing to do (riskier, for example, than entering it on a website that has a secure server certificate)?
  9. would anyone know why they stopped sending a pdf of their stock? (my apologies if this has been posted elsewhere in the forums)
  10. My understanding is that Balenciaga asked them to stop.
  11. I wouldn't send your CC number by email. When I ordered from them, I emailed them the form without my CC number, and asked them to call me when they were ready to process the order. It wasn't a problem, and they called about 10 mins after I emailed them the form.
  12. Thank you...that helps to know I can do it that way! I'm still considering ordering from them but it irritates me that they won't send photos of bags like BalNY will when you are interested in a particular bag.
  13. I asked them what Balenciaga city they have and they sent me yesterday pictures of what they have
    Here you go:

    We currently have the following in the City in stock.

    City $1195 from fall/winter-- plomb, tabac, vert fonce, mogano, bleu, mastic, rouge, rouille, black,

    (continued in next post)
  14. ...City $1195 from fall/winter-- plomb, tabac, vert fonce, mogano, bleu, mastic, rouge, rouille, black (last one from the list)

    From spring/summer and previous seasons--mint, blue glacier, emerald, and pony olive ($1410)



    Giant City $1595
    Fall/Winter Giant Silver Hardware —black, plomb, bleu, mogano


  15. ... still Fall/Winter Giant city

    Spring/Summer Giant Gold Hardware —black, truffe, white, anthracite, argile



    Since we are still waiting to receive additional colors from the fall/winter collection, we will send you separate emails listing all the colors we will have for the styles you requested.

    There you go girls! Enjoy!!!