Stepping up from Coach

  1. I love my old Coach bags, my new tote and shoes. But as I posted elsewhere I am not feeling Coach so much anymore since they are being made in China, and since it seems like I see those C's everywhere.

    What is a good brand to step up to that isn't hugely expensive? I like a larger bag but I also prefer some structure.
  2. Here are some under-$500 brands: Botkier, Furla, Hayden-Harnett, Juicy, Kate Spade, Kooba, Lamb, and Marc by Marc Jacobs.
  3. I vote LAMB or Isabella Fiore!
  4. Just got some bags on sale...Hayden Harnett, Linea Pelle...really soft leather. Also like Belen Echandia (but not going to find those on sale) and Rebecca Minkoff
  5. You have to love a designer page with its own cat (Hayden Harnett). Are these bags made in the U.S.?
  6. Definately look into Rebecca Minkoff!!
  7. yeah i use to like coach quite a bit but then eh the Cs are getting annoying and there are prettier bags out there. i also regret paying retail for them because after finding tpf... there are so many good deals out there. i dont have one but i would suggest rebecca minkoff as a more affordable bag. i think the bags are so pretty and i hope to own one soon.
  8. Another vote for Rebecca Minkoff! She makes really awesome bags and at fair prices too. Check out the subforum here.
  9. Just fyi, Hayden Harnett is NOT made in the USA (correct me if i'm wrong tho)
  10. Although I too have "stepped up" from Coach since I've been on this forum, I stepped up from their leather classics, which I still love, and compare to any, and all, of my new purchases. Since you have, and still, love Coach, have you considered their classics or their new Legacy? Other than those, unfortunately for me at least, I've moved into some hugely expensive bags, albeit leather. Coach still has beautiful leather bags that aren't very expensive, and you can find the style that you've loved in those C's that I agree (please don't be offended logo-lovers) are everywhere.
  11. Marc by Marc Jacobs! Really good quality and durable.
  12. LAMB, Hayden Harnett and Marc by MJ all have great bags under $500 and if you like the HH bags, check out their sales - you can get some amazing deals. I've gotten addicted to Balenciaga, but one of my favorite bags is my HH Nomade Hobo!