Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone


Jul 28, 2008
For the longest time, I have been buying my CLs from department stores. Mostly from Saks, because for one, they carry a very nice selection in Houston, and two, I get very pampered when I shop there... champagne, free gifts and all :P Not to mention the sales and the good return policy.

About a few months ago, I started wanting a few styles that I could no longer find at department stores and started looking on ebay. At first I was very hesitant, the idea of buying a pair of CLs that I could not try on or know the actual condition really horrified me. But I gave in eventually and I was very lucky. I found four amazing pairs that all worked out for me.

One month ago from today was my first anniversary for joining the forum. I was contemplating on buying my very first pair from the actual CL boutique. If you think buying from ebay was terrified enough for me, buying from the boutique is even more so. More questions came to mind like, which style? Which store? What if they don't work? What size? And there was always this dreaded phone conversation where embarrassment inevitably occurred when you were not pronouncing the style names right :lol:

I knew what I wanted as soon as I saw the post on the "New CLs" thread. They (or it, only one shoe was showing) had me mesmerized for one entire day :tender: Last Friday, I decided I could not wait any longer. I picked up the phone, called Horatio, and talked to Michael (what a sweetheart). After the fax went out, I found myself trembling, anxiously...

Brown delivered them last night around 8. It was already dark, so I waited this morning to take pics. They are my "stepping out of my comfort zone" CLs indeed, both figuratively and literally.

This is my kind of packaging, no tissues, no fuss, no mess, and no need for me to fish out the goodies :biggrin:



Mar 25, 2008
Oh WOW, Alice those studded Pigalles are smokin' hott!! I had no idea they came in red. Good thing I can't walk in 120's without a platform....