stepping down as a mod

May 23, 2006
After much thought and consideration, I’ve let Megs and Vlad know that I've decided to step down as the YSL moderator. My professional and personal responsibilities just don’t allow me enough free time to volunteer here on a regular basis.

I’m glad that I was able to give something back to tPF by serving as a mod for six-plus months. I’m particularly proud that I was able to do some organizing/cleaning up in the subforum, and build the YSL Reference Library with hundreds of photos dating to the beginning of tPF in 2005.

I wanted to make a little pitch here before signing off: tPF is a community, and the YSL subforum is only going to be as strong and vibrant as all of its members make it. I'd encourage everyone to help out by answering each others' questions; posting pics and info about sales and new YSL styles; and especially maintaining the Reference Library by adding your own photos and stock photos from online retailers as well.

Take care everyone! I'll still be a regular member and I'll be checking in from time to time. Hope to see you around.




Aug 29, 2006
Cosmo - you've been an amazing moderator and have made such incredible improvements to the YSL subforum - it's so organized and it's so easy to find helpful information.

I'm glad you'll still be around, but we'll miss your moderating!

Thanks for all of the hard work!


Jul 27, 2007
You are a great mod and a great person. This is definitely a big loss for team YSL but you did an amazing job while you were leading us. Especially when putting together the reference library, and showing us your willingness to answer all sorts of questions. I'm really glad that you will still be sticking around!


Jan 18, 2008
Dear Cosmo, you were an inspiration and a great moderator of this amazing community. I learned so much from you and thank you for all that. I know how much work this requires - I teach an online course in the evening and jump to tPF while waiting to communicate with my students, and all that eats up time faster than a person can imagine - you just realize that hours passed by ... glad you are staying as a member, vesna