stepped out for 15 mins!!! UPS WHYYYYYY

  1. Ok, I've been waiting at home oh so patiently, even as my son asked to go to Target to get his first backpack for preschool! I sweetly said, "honey we can't leave just yet...mommy is waiting for something to be delivered." So at 5:30pm I stepped out to pick up the pizza for dinner (why didn't I just have it delivered--it's literally just a few blocks away--and would be 45 mins vs 15 mins). I returned just moments later, 15 mins. to be exact. And guess what??!! There was the cute little UPS post it nicely displayed on my frickin' door, alerting me that I MISSED MY PACKAGE FROM BALENCIAGA :wtf: --and they would try to redeliver on MONDAY AFTER 5pm :wtf: :wtf: !!!! I can't believe it---all day, ALL DAY I waited patiently, called UPS just to confirm delivery times....9am-7pm. I just can't believe I called UPS and requested it to be held at the UPS Pick Up center and I'll pick it up on Monday morning. Oh Well......just a few more day!! :sad:
  2. ^^ ugh, i can't stand UPS!!! :hysteric:
  3. That sucks. We all feel your pain.
  4. Ouch! I feel so sorry for you....maybe you should go shopping to help take your mind off the wait. :o)
  5. Story of my life! I hear you loud and clear. This is unbelievably frustrating when it happens on a Friday...

    Today I had an unbreakable lunch date but I was itching to get home for delivery of my Rouge City!! Luckily the Fedex guy is pretty predictable timewise and I made it with time to spare. I was standing there waiting for him. So was the dog. He's got biscuits for good pooches.

    We'll expect pics of your bag on Monday :yes:
  6. I'm so sorry, I hate when stuff like that happens, and it seems to happen a lot!
  7. I could cry for you. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  8. awwww. that sucks, and i hate it when that happens!!!
  9. Ooh I hate when that sorry you have to wait a few more days. I've missed deliveries too before and end up picking it up at the UPS office after hours. They give you a 15 minute window to pick up any missed deliveries.
  10. So sorry to hear you missed the delivery. This happens to me every time! Whenever I slip out knowing the UPS guy won't arrive for several hours he always comes early. I think he parks a few houses away and waits for me to leave just to aggravate me. It must be a conspiracy if your UPS guy is doing it too...
  11. Arg, it's always like this! Don't you hate it that you waited for several hrs for a package and they just have to deliver it when you step out for like 5 min. It's always like this to me too... arrrggg... :cursing:

    I hope you get your rouge City soon. :flowers:
  12. :hysteric: ahahahahahah! this bites!!! i reckon all postal services should work 24/7! :lol:
  13. You might want to give them a call. If the UPS distribution center is anywhere near you, you may be able to collect it today. They have the package sitting on a shelf somewhere!

    By the way, what delicacy are you waiting for?? : )

    I wish you well

  14. Agreed!
  15. It does seem these things always happen on a Friday. I hope the weekend flied by. Can't wait to see your pics on Monday.