stepped into FSH finally... and i left feeling dizzy!

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  1. my first thread here... i usually 'hang out' at Chanel sub-forum. i was a H convert (all thanks to a TPFer, you know who you are :P). got a CDC, an ombre Kelly Dog & an ombre KDT within a month. i was lusting for a birkin/kelly ever since i 'molested' hers...

    and thanks to the airline promo, i've managed to grab the tickets to EU at the good price. and then.. it was counting down.... and self-ban (and it didnt work very well). i tried to visit as many H stores i could in all the cities i've visited. the first birkin i saw at Venice store window display blow my mind away... and when i overheard the price.... it was also 'stunning' as well. :graucho:

  2. Waiting to see what you've got!!! :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  3. I am feeling a "reveal" coming up............
  4. next stop, i saw my HG at Milan - Gold Kelly 32 with GHW. it was at the window display.. i wasn't sure if it was for sale. i went back to hotel thinking about it all night... it was a devil & angel conversation in my mind. i told myself i will not get any birkin/kelly this trip after spending alot of the travelling around.... for 26 days.

    but i went back to the store again next morning. i overheard (again) another lady asking if the gold kelly was for sale. the SA said 'NO, only for window display. NO birkin & kelly available. NOT sure when is the stock coming in'. disappointed me... went on to try Lindy 26 which didn't work very well on me. and before i left the store, i spotted something in Rubis. i tried on it. DH gave the green light but i wanted to KIV till i go to FSH. :P
  5. ooh this sounds promising...
  6. next, i spotted a chocolate shoulder birkin on display at Lucern, Switzerland. and no, it was not for sales.

    landed in Paris after Switzerland... went around for sightseeing while bookmarking FSH on the local map. and i stepped into FSH finally on 24 Sep. saw the same Rubis bag which I saw in Milan. it was a hint. i left FSH empty handed as we will be heading back to Paris after a short London trip. and off we go to London...

    in London, saw a red box birkin and black box kelly at Selfriges. never ask if they were for sale since i wasn't keen with Box leather. but I saw the Rubis bag again. 3rd time & i told DH, this is what i wanna bring home from FSH....
  7. long grandma story short, having 'done' alot of 'research' here, i went to FSH early morning. and there was already a queue even before the store is open. DH was surprised.. and asked why were there people Q-ing so early. i told him - to bag a birkin or kelly.

    we went in, walked around and couldn't locate the Rubis bag. checked with a SA and he confirmed that it has been sold. it was the Rubis Picotin in GM. they only have a Picotin MM in Gris T. He brought out for me to try on and it didn't work on me. at that moment, i just feel like crying.DH saw another couple trying another bag next to us. he asked if i wanted to try that... and my mind just went blank.....

    the SA asked what size and colour i wanted. and he brought it out for me. and it left FSH with me. it was way out of my budget... but DH said nevermind, just get it. and everything was blur thereafter.... i was feeling dizzy. i just paid and hold the paper bag tightly and went out of FSH. but i remember to take a picture outside FSH though....

  8. :woohoo:
  9. Is that a Jige clutch with pink piping?
  10. woohoo, the size of the bag is deemed to be something hugely goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorgeous................
  11. and here's the quick reveal:

  12. Ooh.. a live one!
  13. :yahoo::woohoo:
  14. make a guess? :graucho:

  15. abit more...