Stepmom's wallet stolen in Italy -- I'm taking my Olive Day!

  1. I wasn't sure which bag to take to Italy on Friday -- I was going to take my Anthracity, which is breaking in BEAUTIFULLY this week! But my stepmom had her wallet stolen out of her ZIPPED bag.

    I've decided to talk my Day because it's very deep and the zipper is right under my arm. Any pickpocket would have to move my arm and shove his/her arm down into the bag up to the elbow to get at my wallet. I think I'd notice that!

    I'm a little worried about dirt, but I won't carry a pen in the bag during the flight in case it pops, and I'll just be careful with her and hope for the best.

    I'll miss you guys! I'm going to try to go to the discount Balenciaga store outside of Florence -- and if I do I will report back. Don't think I'll buy anything, though, because the dollar is so weak even at a discount everything's going to be too expensive!
  2. Thieves have been known to cut open the bottom of bags to access the contents.
  3. I've been to Europe a lot, but I would never bring my bbags. I'd be too scared.

    Have a safe and fun trip!
  4. hi sweetie! have a great time in europe. god i miss italy. i had the best shopping trip to milan and florence (for the outlets) last february. omg. this is the best time to go!

    btw-- i never had a problem with my designer purses. just stay alert. you're from NYC so that should be no problem.

    as far as balenciaga outlet bags, feel free to take something home with you! the euro is not as strong as you think. i was just there and the euro was around 1.3 to the dollar. and with tax free shopping, you save a little bit of money. hubby said he saved $100 on my bbag, all in.
  5. Have a great trip!!! Enjoy Italy for the rest of us!
  6. highgloss, have a safe and happy trip to Italy! Just be vigilant with your Bbag, as you would in any big city.

    lulu, where is the Balenciaga outlet in Italy located? Is there one in France that you know of?
  7. I would never bring your nice designer bag to italy. Watch out for gypsies. I had my cheapo Baby Phat bag stolen there along with my leather jacket, in a restaurant of all places. I would say, don't bring anything remotely nice.
  8. highgloss - have a wonderful time! Don't worry, just be careful and have FUN! When will you be back?
  9. 10 days. Just a little vaca.

    I've heard all the stories about theft and gypsies...but Italian women have nice things and they're not constantly being ripped off, right?

    I bought a cute purse hook to hang my bag next to me in restaurants just to avoid hanging it over the back of my chair in a cafe. Other than that, should I be so worried that I don't take my bag with me?
  10. Have a great trip!! Be safe, and let 'em have it if they get near your bag! [​IMG]
  11. But they are not the ones ooohing and aaahing over their surroundings and getting totally distracted, are they?
  12. have a safe trip! don't worry too much - just be aware! HAVE FUN!!!

  13. still, be careful. My ex-flatmate told me how her dad hang his jacket on the chair at a restaurant. halfway thru the meal, a waiter came up to the table to serve, dropped something, picked it up then went away. Found out later that his wallet is missing and he's got loads of fraudulent charges to his credit card.
  14. It is like everything in life. There are those "who have it all" and those "that have nothing".

    Tourists are a prime target, and high-end designer items like handbags, cameras, video cameras, jewellery, is an attraction which they can easily snatch and run.

    You need to be extra vigilant.

    A couple of tips I was given (by my Italian SIL).

    If you are walking alongside a road, carrying a bag, over your shoulder, crook of the arm, or even across body ~ make sure, the bag is on the side away from the road.
    ~ People have had a motorcycle, car with passenger hanging out of window ~ they slash the strap of the bag with a knife, and are off.

    Jewellery, chains in particularly, can be ripped from around your neck with one pull.

    Avoid being tight in a crowd, if possible stay a distance away from any gathering of people.

    Museums etc ask you to all group together, so the guide doesn't have to shout. Huddled togethr you will not feel anybody who has the art of picking pockets.

    Be aware of children, who look as though they have no adult with them,

    Unfortunately, children are used more and more often.:cursing:

    Also make sure you stay on the right track, don't be tempted to try and take short cuts into alleyways, roads where there are no tourists etc.

    This by the way isn't just pertinent to Italy, it is much the same advice in Europe that would be given generally.

    And one that we all probably know about, but, occasionally we decide we will have a look. Ignore anybody trying to sell any item on the street.

    Hope you have a fabulous time, I am sure you will do.
  15. Hi I live in Italy (Florence) I think that you can bring with you your bbag, I walk with mine everyday and nobody look at me. Just pay more attention when you walk in the city center or if you use buses if they are crowded, Florence is a little city and quite safe. The suggestions that Sollytia gave you are right especially if you 'll visit city like Naples, in that case i suggest you to live your jew and your bbag in the hotel because this city could be very "dangerous" for tourists (also for italian tourists)...
    The Balenciaga outlet is in the trading center near florence called THE MALL but i think that there you can't find the motorcycle line. Anyway if you have time take a walk there there are the outlet shops of all the most important brands like Armani, Gucci, Prada and so on
    Enjoy your italian journey...