stephiee can't choose!!! Amore Gioco Help!!

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  1. man this is madness!! I've been hoarding these 3 bags for the LONGEST TIME because i cannot choose one!! i've been looking at them daily for the past what..2 weeks?!! :crybaby: one day i'll decide on a final two...n try to narrow it down..then next day i'm back with all 3!!! So I'm asking you girls for some help!!

    Look at this picture...I've put down what I love and ranked the bags...Help me choose one!!

    Things to consider: i absolutely LOVEEE the koi fish with the sea dragon and butterfly scene! This is MY scene!! Must have! I also love the love birds too! I want as much hot pink colors as possible! I also love the chilli peppers...But koi fish scene rules all!

    And I'm really picky about what characters appear above the zipper as well...

    I want both the front and back to look good so i can carry it on either side..And when I open up my bag, I want it to look pretty! And I want the sides to look good too...Hence it'll be REALLY good to have as much color as possible on the sides!

    Yeah i'm a real nutjob x.x :wtf:

    So with all that considered, please help me pick one cuz i really wanna use my amore gioco lolz

    in a sense i wanna just keep all 3 lolz cuz there's parts on each bag that i love! i need toki surgery!

    :heart: stephiee
  2. looks like bag #2 is your least favorite overall?
    I vote for #3, based on your comments.
  3. i dont have a least favorite, otherwise i would eliminate it out! lolz but #2 i LOVE the front!
  4. i looked at all three bags with my eyes a little squinted, so i could just focus on what colors "popped" instead of seeing characters. i say #3 because i see whole lotta pink going on in that bag! i also like the character placement on the front.
  5. haha...I thought I was the craziest one when it comes to choosing bags! I have an Amore Gioco too!!! I wish I have more to choose from!!

    I think I would go with number 2. The koi appears above the front zipper, as well as in the front of the bag. The pattern seems to be quite "centred". The top is quite important too. Since a lot of times I leave my bag down...and the top shows. Number 2 has got a lot of fish there too!!
  6. 3 seems to suit what you state as what you want most overall
  7. they all look the same to me....hahahahaha
    ill look @ it closer later, bad eyesight right now!
  8. I wanna give my opinion but OMG I almost went cross-eyed when I looked at the page!! Too many Amore prints on one page! *lol* The prints started making me a little dizzy!! :Push:
  9. Bag #3!!
  10. #3!!
  11. I know how you feel! I have an amore stellina, had to have it after I saw your photos. But I grabbed the only one I've been able to find, and I don't know whether it's the best placement. So far I've been comparing it to ones on ebay and I'm carrying photos in my Palm to compare when I go out shopping. OCD in the house....

    So, to be helpful: I averaged your scores, and #3 came out on top (then 1, then 2). I feel the same way about having lots of hot pink, so I'd probably go with #3 with the koi, birds, and sushi heart on the front and back.
  12. Hahaha I too got a little cross-eyed. So for the sake of votes... umm... I like #2 the print placement in the front seems perfect to me.
  13. #3
  14. # 2
  15. i'm voting for #1...its got your koi and dragons and butterflies on the front and back. the sides are OK but then again, how often are you gonna look at the sides of your bag? the top has your chili peppers 4 times! i just think #1 gives you a bit of everything you asked for :]