Stephen Webster

  1. What do you ladies think of these pieces?
    ringj.JPG neckj.JPG
  2. I know I am bumping a frightingly old thread here - but, I can't believe no one responded to SW???

    I just saw quite an extensive SW collection at the Neiman's in LV.

    I loved all the pieces - but, my wallet does not, lol!!

    His pieces are made to be worn together and to invest properly in a collection I think one could easily put out $14,000 or more (earrings/necklace/ring).

    The current collection had these earrings I was ga-ga over - maybe one day I can add these to my wishlist - but, for now I am focused on other things.

    Does anyone here own any SW? If so, please share!!!!
  3. I know, bumping an old thread again, but I am nuts about this ring and came very close to getting it a couple years ago. I still can't stop thinking about it and may still order it. I could not get over the glow from the MOP under the clear colored stone above it. Like magic!!!

    Dear Rose, did you get either piece??
  4. I would love to see these pieces IRL especially the ring:yes:
  5. Note to self: post picture of my SW necklace for TPFers to see.;)
  6. Oooh! I can't wait to see!!
  7. Yes - Please post!!
  8. What a beautiful necklace! Must check out his collection the next time I'm in Vegas or is his collection available at all NM?
  9. Here's my Stephen Webster pendant. It's black rhodium plated 18k with blue sapphires and green tanzanites. I wear the SW pendant on an 18k Robin Rotenier chain (pictured). The SW chain is a wheat chain and I just don't like it as much with the pendant. I wear something else on the original SW chain.

  10. Loganz expressed concern that to wear a Webster piece you'd have to get multiple pieces to pull off the look and spend frightening amounts of $. I took some old simple oval 18k white gold sapphire earring charms I had and asked my jeweler to dip them in black rhodium. I then wear the charms on some 18k white gold diamond hoops (not pictured) and the whole look pulls together.

  11. The earring/necklace combo looks good with my Mimi So rhodium black diamond bracelet. Because the bracelet is worn farther away from the neck and ears, the fact that it's black diamond instead of sapphire or tanzanite is totally OK. The whole look keeps from looking too matchy. Though I will keep my eye out for a blue sapphire bangle that I can rhodium black to stack with the Mimi So bangle. Usually, the Mimi So bangle is hanging out on my wrist with yellow gold bangles.

  12. Beautiful pendant - and great pairing!!

    (I stand corrected from my previous posting :P).
  13. The crafstmanship on the pendant is so nice that it can be worn backwards. The back side is simply white gold in color. So two looks! Something to keep in mind when browsing his pieces.

  14. Thank you! I roll my eyes when sales people tell me that a designer's pieces are meant to be worn together...
  15. Obviously, they have a vested interest in saying that; but, your creativity sure does prove them wrong!

    Your necklace is beautiful and the accompanying jewelry is beautiful too!!