Stephen Sprouse Scarves

  1. Hello! I'm new to the LV forum so this might be in the wrong section...:shame:
    I was wondering if anyone knows how many of the LV cashmere scarves were produced? I got one on eBay awhile ago, but I've heard they are quite hard to find...which got me curious about how many were actually produced, so does anyone know? Thanks! :yahoo:
  2. there was a post about this a few weeks ago if you do a search. they are impossible to find unless you get one on eBay. not sure how many were made though
  3. Ah, sorry, I'm just trying to figure out the number though. I bought a black one on ebay around Christmas, when there were a few on ebay, but then they started to show up less and less, after my search I just started to wonder about how many there actually were. Toronto LV said they had 2 in to begin with!! :push: