Stephen Sprouse Rose pop coin

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  1. Does this piece feel dated? I want to buy a coin purse and love this collection, but is it old?

    I love love love limited edition pieces and I buy for personal use, but resale periodically. I can buy one for $400. Is this an investment piece or is roses done?
  2. I personally dislike this collection but lots of ladies on here still love it, in particular because this is about the time they discovered the brand.

    $400 is quite pricy for this piece. But again, if it’s your jam and you really want it, nothing is stopping you!
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  3. I don’t think this collection eber became oversaturated, which lends a lot to feeling dated for me. Besides, it’s a coin purse, so not too many people will pay attention.
  4. I have two pieces from this collection and absolutely love them still. If you enjoy it then there should be nothing stopping you! Can’t comment on their resale value but limited edition is usually a good thing.
  5. I still use/carry my green Sprouse Roses coin purse. Not dated at all!
  6. i have two of these and they are great! nice pop of colour in your purse.
  7. I decided to just purchase a regular coin pouch today.
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  8. Well. I own the rose overall. Got it when it first came out and still carry it today. No, I don't think it's outdated. I rock it like it's no one's business.
    But $400 is overpriced.