Stephen Sprouse Leopard Shawl

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  1. Hello all, I have been in LoVe with this shawl for the past month. Should I splurge and get it? :heart:
  2. I just got it today...Dont think I will ever take it off...!Go for it...
  3. Get it!! I have all 3 colors & adore them!! What color are you thinking about? :P:smile:
  4. yep, just got it soooo much, splurge wont regret it :smile:
  5. love mine get it
  6. My SA was able to find the grey one for me and i'm going to pick it up on the weekend.
  7. Definitely get it! I never leave my brown one off!
  8. If you like it.. go for it
  9. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the advice! I am thinking the brown/black leopard combination. :smile: :heart:
  10. I would if I had the money ;)
  11. Def get it! My dh bought me one for Xmas and I love it!
  12. YES YES YES!!!!! Totally Worth it
  13. They are all SO beautiful!
  14. Ditto!!
  15. it's sooo beautiful! go for it! :yes: