Stephen sprouse collection

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  1. Exactly!
  2. I have the Roses Speedy and love it!!

    I hope you are able to track one down! Good Luck!

  3. do you trust that it's real? i've had a look, the roses speedy does look authentic but some of the other things on the site don't!

    p.s. the pink graffiti bags are amazing! age doesn't matter.. i'd still wear it if i were 50!
  4. Wow. I agree its amazing! But the collection is love it or hate.. i've come across so many people that think the collection is hideous lol.
    I discovered this collection in November 09. I was never reallly into Louis Vuitton, i preferred other brands like Gucci and Dior, so I was pretty late but i'm a fan of Angela Simmons and saw her with a pink graffiti speedy on tv. I checked it out online and just thought the collection was fab. I absoloutly LOOOVE the roses neverful and speedy. and also the pink graffiti speedy.. i saved up by december for the roses neverful/speedy and graffiti speedy (2 bags) but they had all disappeared off the UK site. i was so upset!

    i have actually found a bag on iOffer for $300
    I'm not too great at spotting a fake from real as i don't own an LV bag so if you guys could check it out if you get a chance let me know what you think!
  5. ^^^Beware, almost everything on ioffer is fake...
    also, come on you gotta know nobody would sell a real one for 300!
  6. :goodpost:

  7. i was wary of it but then hoping the price was so cheap coz its used

    thanks but she doesn't ship to UK!

    i'm gonna keep looking.. fingers crossed, i know i will find something eventually!
  8. Hey, I'm 50+ and have the Monogramouflage and the (new collection) Green Graffiti. HAd the Roses and the Pink Graffiti, but sold them. Age doesn't matter; in fact, the older I get the less I care about what anyone else thinks:smile:
  9. Yes I trust this site, I check it daily for things I'm looking for. They take alot of pictures of their bags. Just have the ladies here authenticate it for you. They also guarantee their bags so for whatever reason if it's not real you will get your money back. I'd definitely buy from them before someone on Ebay. Good luck!
  10. I want a NF and a keepall from this line. Hopefully I can snag both one day.
  11. I am SO SAD too! I really, really wanted a Sprouse Speedy...none left even in SoHo.