Stephen sprouse collection

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  1. I got the Rose Pouchette. I love it !!!!
  2. Keep checking the site!
  3. If you can't call the 866 number.. use their website and send an email thru their "CONTACT US" section.

    I have the Neverfull, Speedy and Pochette.. looove it to bits! =)
  4. I bought the Roses Speedy - never regretted it, everywhere I wear it people stop to ask about it. Was in my local LV store last week and talked to my SA about it and she said they have my Speedy - try to save it now for 'special' use, don't want it to get too worn!:cutesy:

  5. Yup! I swear I saw one at my local store last week, too.
  6. Where is your local store? New York?
    Well the USA is alot bigger than the UK so its more likely there will be some bags left over there than here. Im going to phone Louis Vuitton in Soho and see if they can send one over, not sure how it would work though or if they will but i guess its worth a try
  7. Yes, I know that I saw the Speedy on the website just recently, within that last 2 weeks, but I just looked, and now it's gone.

    LOL!! Not weird at all...I do that too!

  8. i saw 2 on ebay. priced well
  9. Don't have one but am thinking of getting a pre-loved pochette. Good luck with your search!
  10. I have the roses Neverfull + Speedy, pink graffiti Speedy, green graffiti wallet, and pink bag charm. I am so obsessed with this collection!

    Good luck on your search! I hope you get something!! :drinkup:
  11. the roses neverfull imo is the most beautiful piece from the collection, and if i were younger i'd get the graffiti speedy in pink!! and the roses scarf is beautiful too..i haven't seen them around for a while
  12. I got the Roses Speedy as my first piece of LV, so it definitely has a special place in my heart. :biggrin: I love that bag! Everywhere I go, I get so many stares and compliments. If you want one, you should get it! Yoogi's Closet has one in like-new condition right now for around $1300 I think. Good luck!
  13. Cruznit1436, I don't know how you are but I'm over 40 and love to carry my pink graffiti speedy! Don't ever let you age dictate what you love, it's only a number! I say if you love it then buy it and carry it like it's nobody's business because it's not!
  14. I just looked at it on YC, the bag is brand new never carried for less than retail! You should definitely buy it here if you can, have it authenticated of course, but dang, $1200.00 is a steal for this bag!
  15. Ditto! I'm 41, and a couple of years ago I bought the Monogramouflage Speedy. Very trendy, but I love camo, and I too was concerned about buying a very trendy bag. But, I decided, if you love it, get it and ROCK IT!! ;) I get compliments on it from women of all ages!