Stephen sprouse collection

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  1. I was gutted that i didn't get a chance to purchase the monogram graffiti and monogram roses speedy bags from the stephen sprouse collection! I saw a woman in the boutique yesterday with one, i could help but just stare at it!

    So who did manage to buy anything from that collection?
  2. Many of us at tPF have the Sprouse collection bags. Some of them are still available on Maybe you can find one of the Speedys there!
  3. really? iv been checking the website for about 2 months now but they're not there! none of the boutiques in London have them either!
  4. Yes someone said they still have the speedys in stock I believe for like $1310?? .....GL...

    ETA... Sorry just seen some one else said what I did above...
  5. I think this line was officially discontinued at the end of last year.
  6. Actually, I saw them as early as two weeks ago maybe even more recently. It wasn't until this week that I noticed everything officially gone. I'm weird, I check the site several times a day for any new additions, still looking for that Azur visor:graucho:
  7. i managed to get a roses pochette. it is quite beautiful although i havent gottenit to glow in the dark...some people said they did
  8. I got a roses speedy and love it so much! You may still be able to find them - I'd call 1866.
  9. i have checked for every country they have and did not find any of the bags. i would buy it on the spot if i could find it! :sad:
  10. i am from the UK so i don't think i can call 1866?
  11. I got the roses speedy and I love it! I would think you should be able to use LV customer service, even if you're in the UK, but I can't be positive. There was someone looking for a roses speedy earlier in the week I think and someone found a few of the speedy's still floating around in store in the US.....Maybe you could do a search for the thread, or hopefully you can call customer service and they can tell you if there are any still in the company. Good luck!
  12. Oh shoot =( ...agree with the above ladies..try the 1-866-vuitton may work?
  13. Thanks guys! this has been helpful.. i did find the thread and there are some left in Soho (this was earlier this week). :yahoo:

    Could anybody help me and give me the exact 1866 Vuitton number? Im going to call internationally and i dont understand american numbers and what numbers to press when dialing vuitton! what is the full number? :smile:
  14. Oh EXCELLENT!! It is 1 866 884 8866....good luck
  15. soho lv has them! good luck!