Stephen Sprouse Brand New?

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  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone knew if it was still possible to still purchase an authentic Stephen sprouse LV bag from anywhere aside from eBay, Bonanzle etc. Also would prefer if it was brand new.

  2. I wanted the Roses speedy a while ago, I'm not a fan of Preowned, I looked on the UK website and they were sold out.... France had some but my SA said that she couldn't have it shipped over from another country... Even within the EU :sad:

    She told me maybe if I knew someone from France.... They bought it for me and shipped it over. Not a possibility unfortunately.

    Feel awful about it because when I bought my first LV, the Rose speedy was being promoted on the website and I didn't bother with it.... Had my heart set on the Ellipse!

    Would love to own the White Watercolore Speedy also!
  3. Awwww what a shame!!! I really didnt care for stephen sprouse rose speedy when it was being promoted either, but now my tastes have changed I suppose, and I really want one.

    I dont like the idea of pre-owned because I like my bags to be in mint condition.
  4. Often times you can find a used bag in PRISTINE condition. Be patient and continue to check ebay.
  5. Yeah I like to have them new too.... Like to put my own mark on them!
  6. I hadn't thought about the Roses collection when it was first released too! But now I really like it and would love to have the Vernis Alma or Speedy. I wouldn't mind pre-loved though. They are selling some at a local consignment shop but I find their pricing ridiculous!
  7. Aside from eBay and Bonanzle? Check with Fashionphile and Yoogi's Closet; I've seen them there.