Stephen Retail Prices

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  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the retail on the Leopard Stephen and the Embossed Stephens?

    Also...the embossed....white and black were the only 2 right?

    I'm loving this bag so much I may have to get another one (depending on whether I like anything from F/W)!!
  2. Monogram Stephen retailed at LV for $2070 and the Cuir Stephen only came in gris and taupe retailed $3750.
  3. hope this helps

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  4. I saw a pic of Pam Anderson once with a dark reddish tan embossed Stephen.
  5. Is this considered Taupe or another shade?

  6. Thanks all! I thought there was also a really light beige color? Isn't that the taupe?
    Pam's looks almost like a Whiskey color.

    Hmmmm....I really like the Stephen....maybe instead of a cloud bag (which I am not 110% sure about loving) I should buy a bag I KNOW I love!
  7. I thought there was also a really light cement looking color too and I figured it would be taupe but since someone said it only came in two shades I was guessing.
    Which cloud bag were you thinking? I like the nimbus- but you may be right. You know you love the Stephen- so invest in something you know you'll love!
    Can't go wrong either way, I think. Cant wait to see what ya decide! :graucho:
  8. The embossed Stephens came in 3 colors;
    They all have almost a watercolor effect in the leather. Meaning the leather has shadings of lights and darks throughout.

    GRIES (grey, or dark charcoal)
    FAUVE (Tan, not really the orange color it looks in pics.
    It's more of a rich deep tan).

    I have the same one that Pam Anderson is holding in the pics above. It's called Fauve. For some reason it always looks a little orange in pics. IRL it's a deep tan.
  9. Pam Anderson bag is TDF!!
  10. I agree, Pam's stephen is the most gorgeous color out of the three.

    The Stephen overall is such a functional and fabulous bag! I adore it!
  11. I just wore mine today....god what a great bag!