Stephen Mono Leather

  1. Today I was the 5th Ave store looking at the Onatah pochette and noticed the Stephen Mono. It is so fabulous. I must have it. However I asked the SE if it came in any other style and she showed me the leather version. I love the leather one better than the mono and the leopard. She said that their is a waiting list. Is anyone on the list?

    :hysteric: Sweetascocoa
  2. Are you saying there is a NOMAD STEPHEN??!!!
    OMGosh how hot & frightening would that be!?
  3. I thought that was runway only..glad it isn't..sad it is out of my grasp.:sad:
  4. I went to that link..I dont see it!sniff..I didnt know there was a leather ??MUST SEE PICS!:idea:
  5. I looked and didnt see it either. :shrugs:
  6. Iluvbags put a pic up!!
    Picked up my Mono Stephen today!!!
  7. I love yours!:nuts:
  8. Im wanting to see a pic of the ALL leather one....I have the mono canvas Stephen..hhmmmm....anyone have a pic??????PLEASE?
  9. OMG!! the cream leather with patent bottom is cool looking, however I love the all black one. If I find a pic I will post it:hysteric:
  10. oooooooohh....fab but price is too steep pour moi
  11. [​IMG]

    I found this in another thread (posted by John 5).
  12. Ooohh! That sounds beautiful!