stephen mono is at elux

  1. if you want it. i have one in my dream cart of pretend! :smile:
  2. My dream cart is too full to add anything else.:amuse: It doesn't cost anything to just have a look, thanks for the heads up!
  3. where??? cant find it
  4. [​IMG]
  5. could u please post the link i cant c it there and how much is it?
  6. A girl can dream.....:girlsigh:
  7. I'm dreaming too, but i'll take the one with faux leapord
  8. I want this bag so bad it makes me want to kind of throw up...I have put it in my cart...and as soon as my husband walks out of the office...Im going to drop to me knees and BEG...or something.
  9. i'll take both...

  10. I can't find it on eluxury, even did a search on their site. So, now going crazy. Anyone know how much it retails for?
  11. It just disappeared...out of stock...its 2100 and some change...Im calling the 888 number!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. that works, I could dream that way too
  13. Yeah, I can't find it either:sad:

    Is that a min pin in your picture??
  14. it's $2070. i found it under new arrivals
  15. I just saw it at eluxury but it disappeared again. Guess they are getting bombarded with this new edition!