Stephen Mono Bag Is Not A Carry On!!!lmao!

  1. Im posting this for ILUVBAGS..She has been concerned with the size of her STEPHEN BAG..Im here to help..LOL..I have pics of several of my FENDI/Prada bags to show the ACTUAL size of STEPHEN..LOL...Let us know what you think.I personally do NOT think it looks too big at all.....
    Sorry it took me so long...between computer and camera issues...argh..took me forever ...

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I saw the leopard one at my store's really nice sized, not luggage sized at all!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. i love that bag i called lv store yesterday they dont know when are they gona get it im dying 2 have it lucky u!
  7. Very nice !!! Feeling better Jill??
  8. The mono Steven isn't that big at all, I love the size. The leopard is larger, but the Mono is perfect. I think it's not much, if any larger than a Speedy 35 would be.
  9. Jill it looks great the way that you are carrying it not too big like a carry on. Size wise is sort of like the speedy 35??? Does the mono one come with a shoulder strap like the leopard? Also is the interior brown canvas??thanks

    p.s. it looks so different than when it is stuffed full...when it is stuffed it looks like a duffle or carry on bag...anything totally stuffed does not look right...
  10. Jill, it looks awesome on you!!!:graucho: Have you taken it out yet?!
  11. it's definitely a City Bag.... but it has the potential of being a great overnight/carry-on bag :yes:

    btw, that black Prada bag (pic 2) is :graucho:
  12. This bag is such a beauty, can't wait until mines arrive!
  13. I am officially in LOVE with the Mono Stephen :shame:
  14. It looks like it's definatly a good sized bag, but I agree that it is not a carry on! Also it looks a million times better when it's not totally stuffed!
  15. Jill, thanks for this thread & the pics. No, it is definitely not a carry-on. :roflmfao: It looks great on you. I have my name on a list for the mono, but I love the leopard one too (just not the price). lol. I know many women don't like the leopard, but I like gaudy. lol. Thanks again.