Stephen leopard shoes?


What do you think of the Stephen shoes?

  1. Love 'em!

  2. Like them

  3. They're okay

  4. hmm........

  5. ewwwww

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  1. The hottest shoes EVER made. :heart:.

    [next to Tupelos]
  2. Sorry, I think they aren't worth it :noggin:
  3. My SA brought them to me to try on...they are gorgeous! They look so beautiful on. Frankly I had no idea they cost that much...
  4. no thanks
    its that leopard thing. just can't get into it. sorry
  5. Love the leopard, hate the heel.
  6. those are fugly...
  7. I didn't like the way the toe curls up a little. I think they are OK, but not worth the dollars.
  8. I wonder if that heel comes with a weight load limit:roflmfao: .
  9. you love them or hate them..
    I think they are ugly...
  10. :lol: :upsidedown: How funny! I would love to see someone walk in them!

  11. Don't really dig the leopard thing.
  12. They're a little pricey.. but oh so hot !
  13. As nasty as the bag. JMO
  14. I love it. Don't love the price though.