Stephen King books

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  1. Can anyone recommend some good Stephen King books? They have to be as scary as possible.
    Plus can anyone tell me if the "The Dark Tower" books can be read seperately?
  2. I think "The Stand" was scary, but it was incredibly long. I prefer King's horror anthologies, all of which I own. My favorite is "Night Shift" although "Nightmares and Dreamscapes" is pretty scary, too. While I don't consider him to be the scariest horror novelist, he's pretty entertaining. You should read the Dark Tower series in chronological order, and read the original hardcover versions if you can find them.
  3. I loved Pet Cemetery (although it was spelled differently, I think with an S) and of course The Shining. Christine, a story about a car, was scary as well.

    His book from last year, Lisey's Story, was my least favorite of all his books. In fact, I thought it was one of the worst books I ever read. It makes me wonder if he's losing his touch.
  4. Eyes of the Dragon is one of his first and it's the most amazing book I ever read. You MUST pick it up!!! :love: The Dark Tower comes after Eyes of the Dragon, which not too many people I know have read. Flagg, The Dark Man, etc are all the same guy, and one of the coolest characters ever put into writing.
  5. I have read a bunch of his books when I was in my early teens. My favorite was "The Dead Zone", and I'm thinking I should try reading that one again. I will try to look for some of the ones you guys suggested.
  6. Stephen King is my absolute favorite author, I started reading him when I was in high school, that is when I read The Stand, never thought I would be able to do it when I first started but he has such a way that of course I breezed through it.

    While my son was in Iraq we read the Bachman books together. Then he ordered the Dark Tower series while in Iraq and I am now reading those and he is dying for me to get caught up.

    Desperation (King) is a really good one, although I liked The Regulators (Bachman) better. These 2 are related to a degree, some of the same characters, but they are not a series.

    Anybody hate the way Cell ended as much as me???
  7. It and The Shining are the scariest of his that I have read. The Long Walk sounds really freaky, so I'll have to try that one soon.

    Thinner is non-scary.
  8. The Talisman by Stephen King isn't really scary, but it's a great book! I really recommend it!!
  9. Yay! I love Stephen King books! I love throwing my two cents in.

    NO. The Dark Tower series CANNOT be read separately. It's just like a series of books, like Harry Potter or whatever, you won't understand what is going on if you don't start from the beginning.

    I love that series. I love love love love it. One of my other favorite books is Tommyknockers, which is about an alien spaceship and how its "aura" affects everyone around it.

    I liked Cell (until the end...), so I DEFINITELY agree with you.

    I really liked The Stand. Everyone says how long it is, but I LOVE long books, and I think that Stephen King is awesome.

    I love all the short stories, and everytime a new movie comes out, I always read the short story before seeing the movie (1408, Secret Window, etc)

    Most of Stephen King's books aren't (I don't think...) personally scary...a lot of them are mental. For example, Gerald's Game.

    Let's see, what else should you try.... I really like The Talisman (Black House is the quasi-sequel, but not as good, I don't think)

    There's also Insomnia, but it's VERY out there.

    I personally LOVED Dreamcatcher as a book, the "inside of the head" with the alien is SO MUCH better read than on a movie.

    Shorter stories that aren't part of a collection : The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Green Mile, Dolores Claiborne.

    But yes. If you like Stephen King, I would definitely recommend starting out with some thing like Tommyknockers :heart::heart::heart::heart:. It's very King-esque without being too scary.

    Then read some of his short stories and then go for The Stand and The Dark Tower series.

    God, I love Stephen King books.

    Just please....Stay away from Buick 8 and Hearts in Atlantis (except the first part that was made into a movie..)

    I don't know WHAT King was thinking when he wrote those. :cursing::cursing:
  10. See? Nobody mentions Eyes of the Dragon. I swear I'm the only person who's ever read that book.

    OH. The Green Mile is excellent too.
  11. The Long Walk is actually one of his very best works if you ask me, very thought provoking as is most of the Bachman's.

    I have to agree with Hats that his writings are not so much scary as they are in your head. I am hoping there is a sequal to Cell coming, I have to know what happened :hysteric:.
  12. I just read 'The Shining' and it was so fun to read it late at night with only a small light (and of course my man in bed beside me as I am not completely masochistic). I felt like I was a teenager again!
  13. I used to be a huge King fan. A lot of his stuff got predictable to me. My fave's are Salem's Lot and the Shining.
  14. I'm not going to be much help but I watched Pet Cemetary and it freaked the sh*t out of me!
  15. Has anybody read 1408? I've thinking the movie looks good, but I have trouble finding the book. So I'm not sure if maybe that one has another title?